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3 myths About Protein Supplements

In the bodybuilding world, the most popular topic in most gyms nowadays (apart from arguments about Obama and McCain) is the effectiveness of protein supplements. I mean, two out of every three gyms you go to, chances are there’s always an argument about how good protein supplements really are.

The arguments about the effectiveness of protein supplements really isn’t surprising because its a proven fact that protein is important for building muscle, but the bone of contention among its opponents how effective protein supplements really are at building muscle.

In most arguments about protein supplements, you are likely to here 3 main myths being bandied about to discredit protein supplements.

Myth 1: Athletes don’t really require extra protein

This is completely false. A whole lot of research has been done on this, and the outcome has always been, active people need more protein, because “the more active you get, the more protein you need”, and if you can think up any task that demands more physical activity than building muscle, please let me know.

Furthermore athletes and bodybuilders who take only the standard recommended daily allowance of protein actually LOSE muscle, the reason this happens is because of a decrease in their whole-body protein synthesis (a common situation among bodybuilders). By taking in more than the standard daily recommended amount of protein, you help keep an optimum nitrogen balance in your body, which is vital to successful bodybuilding.

Myth 2: Most High Protein Diets Very Unhealthy And Probably dangerous
There’s been a lot of hot air being blown about osteoporosis and kidney problems being linked to diets that are high in protein, but til date, there has been no single credible medical statistics to back it up.

Besides for most people who are on a high-protein diet, and also suffer from kidney problems, its been discovered that they almost always had the kidney problem before they went on the high-protein diet, even though they might probably not have been aware of it, and so the high-protein diet merely aggravated a condition that they already had.

Myth 3: All Proteins “are created equal”
A lot of people claim that all proteins are basically the same, but as a matter of fact, various proteins various functions for various athletes, since proteins have differing amino acid ratios.

Through the help of scientists, we’ve been able to ascertain the basic make-up of a high-quality protein, and proteins that are the most effective in helping to build muscle. so when you get started in bodybuilding, learn as much as possible about protein supplements, so that you can chose the one that exactly suits your needs. How effectively you build your muscles depend on it.

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All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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