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Biotech Peptides-Leading Authority in Research Peptides

biotech peptidesWe were recently introduced to a company known as Biotech Peptides, a highly professional team of experts that really know their trade. Before I continue I would like to point out that we are not associated to this seller and the reason for this review is simply to share the  feedback that our readers have gave to us this year.

Who are Biotech Peptides?

Biotech have provided extremely high quality research peptides to labs and other research establishments for many years. They have the added advantage of having state of the art testing equipment to ensure that purity of their liquids are maintained to a high standard at all times.

Biotech certainly take their business serious and with a current stock of 24 peptide types they have exactly what their customers require.

Is Biotech Legit?

Biotech is hear to stay! They have invested heavily in the most up to date testing equipment in order to ensure that quality is paramount each time.

Biotech are specialized in the research, manufacture and commercialization of amino acids, peptides, amino acid concentrates and protein hydrolysates. The spirit of improvement, seriousness, professionalism and the enthusiasm of its professionals allows them to open new research paths to satisfy the needs of their clients, obtaining specific products for specific applications.

Biotech Peptides Reviews

Reviews are an important part of getting to know about the reputation of any company that you may be considering to purchase from. We asked our readers to offer their experiences with Biotech Peptides in order for us to pass on to potential new customers.

We had an incredible response and here are the main points we received from 2 separate customers of Biotech Peptides.

  1. Michael Loach-N.Carolina. In January 2021 I had an experience with a peptides company in Florida that forced me to look out for another supplier. I was looking for Mod GRF (1-29). I had in the past used a few sellers but disappointment was often. With that I searched the net for best peptides companies in the USA. One such firm was Biotech. My first impression was how neat and easy to navigate their website was. Everything I needed was there and the peptides prices were very fair and competitive with all others. I placed my first order and the first thing that hit me was the friendliness of Biotech peptides. I had a few queries prior to ordering and they were so professional in dealing with my questions. I would give them 10/10 and say that I cannot see myself buying from any others at the moment.
  2. Biotech Peptides Customer Service: Kevin Connolly-NY. A friend told me about Biotech Peptides in February 2021. I had a few queries that I needed an answer to before placing an order. Firstly I asked if they have full purity certificates to back up the quality of their research peptides. I received a lightning fast reply with the response I was hoping for…Yes! To sum up I would recommend Biotech Peptides and as I write I have received my fourth order from them with no mishaps at all. A great company to do business with and highly recommended by me.

Biotech Peptides Shipping

Shipping of peptides has often been an issue for many customers of peptide sellers around the U.S. It’s a subject we often hear about however not with Biotech Peptides. The main complaints appear to be issues related to poorly packed goods. We have heard of half open packages, breakages and even worse, stolen goods. Fortunately the shipping and packaging standards of Biotech are of a very high standard with very little chance of damages. Added to that, Biotech promise to replace or refund any missing or damaged order. A very fair professional service to say the least.

Biotech Peptides Prices

We all want high quality goods when we place an order with any mail order company. But we also expect that the price we pay is in line with what others are paying, a fair price is what I’m talking about. This is where Biotech Peptides score highly in the research chemicals sector. Take a look at these prices from Biotech and you’ll notice fair pricing offered.

Here’s a few examples from the Biotech Peptides store:

Mod GRF (1-29) – Ipamorelin Blend 10mg $67

Oxytocin 10mg $39.00

Semax Peptide – 25mg $59


Biotech Peptides Coupon Code

Do you want cheaper peptides? At Biotech Peptides you can at times take advantage of a Biotech Peptides discount code. This allows the buyer to purchase peptides at a greatly reduced rate. How can you get a discount code? By simply visiting the Biotech website regularly you will be able to see the discount coupon codes.


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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