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Peptides have proven to be a great asset when using them alongside a peptides bodybuilding system or regime. It is however very important to appreciate that you will need to understand what type of peptide will suit your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the key facts that any peptides user should know and be fully aware of the effects of taking this substance.

What are peptides? peptides bodybuilding

So what are peptides and what use are they in bodybuilding? Proteins are made of a polymer of amino acids. Proteins are composed of many amino acids (hundreds of thousands), causing them to be amphiphilic, meaning that parts of the compound absorb water, while the rest of the compound repels water. Proteins are large, complex molecules essential for the proper functioning and structure of the body. Some of the major proteins found in the body include antibodies, enzymes, messengers, structural components, and transport and storage.

A new concept with peptides recently is to take them with All American Peptide Store and this is becoming increasingly popular.

Types of Proteins

Antibodies are responsible for attacking and eliminating outside pathogens. These proteins are often referred to as “white blood cells” and play a critical role in the functioning of the immune system.

Enzymes are responsible for carrying out the chemical reactions that occur within the body. Enzymes also play a role in the formation of new molecules.

Messenger proteins are responsible for conducting chemical and hormonal signals throughout the body. These signals play a critical role in the functions and processes carried out by the body.

Some proteins provide structural support for cells. These proteins are responsible for the structure of cells and help create the overall form of the body.peptides-bodybuilding

Other proteins serve as a medium for transporting and storing substances throughout the body.

A peptide is composed of two strands of amino acids bonded together by peptide bonds. A peptide bond is formed by dehydration synthesis, a chemical reaction in which water is removed. Peptides are referred to by the number of amino acids present in the peptide. For example, a dipeptide has two amino acids, while a tripeptide has three amino acids. Oligopeptides are peptides that contain less than ten to fifteen amino acids, while peptides with more than ten to fifteen amino acids are known as polypeptides.

Peptides for bodybuilding

The main purpose of using peptides these days is to increase the body’s muscle mass. They have a considerable anabolic effect on the muscle mass of the athlete. This has a beneficial effect when an athlete suffers a muscle injury. Peptides have the strong ability to heal damaged muscle fibers rapidly allowing the user to return quickly to their sport. Even before the bodybuilder begins a new season the peptides work extremely well in building muscle mass very quickly when he needs it. This results in the athlete having much more muscle mass and considerably less body fat.

Bodybuilders prefer to use peptides for bodybuilding rather than the older method of using steroids due to the fact that peptides have almost no side effects compared to some of the harsh unpleasant and on some occasions dangerous contraindications that steroid users have suffered over time.

The use of peptides in competitive sport is not permitted but preventing the use of them has proven difficult because of the arduous task of trying to identify peptides in the body. Urine tests alone often fail to confirm the presence of them. Blood tests are expensive and slower to identify peptides but to date, it is the only way to prove the athlete has used them.

Peptides bodybuilding or muscle repair?

Although there are many dedicated athletes who have been using peptides bodybuilding formulas for years and they reportedly have had some impressive results whilst taking them, many others including several scientists around the world agree that there is far more concrete evidence that peptides work so much better when employed for the use of muscle fiber repair.
Ripped muscles and other damage have shown to repair at a rapid time leaving the athlete with a 100% return to his muscle’s previous condition.

Where can I purchase Peptides Bodybuilding Products?

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Further reading about peptides can be found in this Wiki article


Total Nutrition – Does it Work and is it Effective ?

Total Nutrition these days refers to the huge array of total nutrition products all with the promise of making us fitter, thinner, musclier and generally better than we were. So what exactly does total nutrition mean these days and what

total nutrition facts

can it really do to help improve us?

Where to Buy Total Nutrition Products

Before you decide to buy it’s important to do a little research first. Look at total nutrition locations in your area to save time and money. A quick search on the net or word of mouth from friends can help you to avoid the pitfalls of buying some of the rubbish out there. Take a good look at this Total Nutrition expert and you will find what is possibly the only true working supplements out there to date. You will find that there are possibly hundreds of total nutrition locations around the globe however we recommend only one. Take a look at these Total Nutrition Podcasts!

Total Nutrition Near Me

Finding a good stockist for your total nutrition journey shouldn’t be difficult and if there is no stockist near to your home, don’t worry. All the best-sellers are online now and most offer great prices and super-fast shipping at all times. Take a look at our recommended Total Nutrition online store where all the best products, and prices are under one gigantic roof. Ordering this way avoids the problem of being held back by total nutrition hours.

When it comes to good nutrition, it is the total nutrition – i.e. the general quality and quantity of all food and beverages that someone consumes per day – that counts. Individuals are not about healthy foods and unhealthy ones. It’s about the balance of nutrition, where healthier foods should play the main role, but there should always be a place for minor nutritional sins.

Diet and Total Nutrition

One way of a balanced diet is to reduce unwanted and unnecessary calories in the context of daily food intake. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends generally reducing calories from total fat and added sugar; Accordingly, it has reduced the recommendation for daily sugar intake from 10% of the total calorie content to 5%. For a normal-weight adult, that’s about six teaspoons (or 25 g) of sugar a day. It is important to know here that the term “added sugar” (or added sugar) refers to sweeteners containing a calorific value, which can be added to foods or beverages and thus represent potentially unnecessary and unwanted calories.

What About The Calories?

This is why it is also best not to denounce any particular calorie sweetener, but simply to seek to reduce the total calories added by such sweeteners regardless of the source of the sweetener. One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. six teaspoons (or 25 g) of sugar a day. It is important to know here that the term “added sugar” (or added sugar) refers to sweeteners containing a calorific value, which can be added to foods or beverages and thus represent potentially unnecessary and unwanted calories. Bear in mind that it is also best not to denounce any particular calorie sweetener, but simply to seek to reduce the total calories added by such sweeteners regardless of the source of the sweetener.

One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. six teaspoons (or 25 g) of sugar a day. It is important to know here that the term “added sugar” (or added sugar) refers to sweeteners containing a calorific value, which can be added to foods or beverages and thus represent potentially unnecessary and unwanted calories. For this reason, it is also best not to denounce any particular calorie sweetener, but simply to seek to reduce the total calories added by such sweeteners regardless of the source of the sweetener.

Cutting Out Sugar For True Total Nutrition

One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. that the term “added sugar” (or added sugar) refers to sweeteners containing a calorific value, which can be added to foods or beverages and thus represent potentially unnecessary and unwanted calories. It is also best not to denounce any particular calorie sweetener, but simply to seek to reduce the total calories added by such sweeteners regardless of the source of the sweetener.

How Can I Reduce Sugar?

One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. that the term “added sugar” (or added sugar) refers to sweeteners containing the calorific value, which can be added to foods or beverages and thus represent potentially unnecessary and unwanted calories. This is why it is also best not to denounce any particular calorie sweetener, but simply to seek to reduce the total calories added by such sweeteners regardless of the source of the sweetener. One of the many ways that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. which can be added to foods or beverages and thus potentially represent unnecessary and unwanted calories.

Due to this, it is also best not to denounce any particular calorie sweetener, but simply to seek to reduce the total calories added by such sweeteners regardless of the source of the sweetener. One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. which can be added to foods or beverages and thus potentially represent unnecessary and unwanted calories. For this reason, it is also best not to denounce any particular calorie sweetener, but simply to seek to reduce the total calories added by such sweeteners regardless of the source of the sweetener.

One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. regardless of the source of the sweetener. One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia. regardless of the source of the sweetener. One of the many strategies that can be used to achieve such a reduction is, of course, to replace the calorie sweetener with a calorie-free one – like stevia.

Weight management

The effective management of your own body weight is often a challenge because of course, we love pre-made food products and inexpensive and fantastic tasting foods and drinks for the sake of simplicity and convenience. Ultimately, weight management boils down to a very simple equation: You have to burn more calories than you eat to lose weight. Physical activity and daily exercise help burn calories and promote good mood, and for the other half of the equation, reducing calories and choosing low-calorie foods where possible are equally important. And Stevia fits in well with this concept.

With so many foods and beverages sweetened with stevia, which are now available worldwide – from baked goods to yogurt to table sweets – everyone can now find a tasty solution for their own, individual, individual calorie needs. Everyone who loves the taste of foods and drinks containing stevia has already wondered how much Stevia can actually be consumed overall. Regulatory authorities have already addressed this issue and identified a default value called Stevia Daily Allowance (ETD), which is the ETD for stevia, but actually refers to the steviol glycosides, the sweet components of the stevia leaf; it is expressed in steviol equivalents of 4 mg per kg body weight per day.

The reason for the concept of “steviol equivalents” is that the different glycosides are unique in their structure so that a uniform reference value was required for the calculation of the metabolism. It corresponds to approximately 12 mg of high-purity stevia extract per kilogram of body weight per day. But what does that mean? Put into practice, the ETD means that a person weighing 70 kg would have to consume 40 packets of high-purity stevia glycoside-containing stevia table sweetness per day – and on every other day of their lives – in order to achieve the permitted daily dose at all. And that’s a huge amount of stevia! And much more than anyone would ever eat in the context of a generally healthy and balanced diet. With nutrition – as in life – the right balance is the secret.

Eating healthy, being active in sports, these are simple measures, which you can easily implement for the great benefit of your health. The reduction in daily calorie intake by avoiding oversized portions and by cleverly replacing sweeteners containing calorific value with calorie-free stevia can sweeten your successful personal weight management and striking the right balance in life.

You can find recipes and suggestions on how to integrate stevia into your daily diet on our website The reduction in daily calorie intake by avoiding oversized portions and by cleverly replacing sweeteners containing calorific value with calorie-free stevia can sweeten your successful personal weight management and striking the right balance in life. You can find recipes and suggestions on how to integrate stevia into your daily diet on our website The reduction in daily calorie intake by avoiding oversized portions and by cleverly replacing sweeteners containing calorific value with calorie-free stevia can sweeten your successful personal weight management and striking the right balance in life. You can find recipes and suggestions on how to integrate stevia into your daily diet on our website recipe page and it is best to register for the regular updates on news.










Liquid Arimidex Benefits and Where To Buy

Liquid ArimidexLiquid Arimidex, also known as anastrozole is not a steroid, it belongs to a class of drugs known as aromatase inhibitors but many buy liquid Arimidex because of its use with steroids can often be very important. Many steroids cause an increase in estrogen in the body by a conversion process brought on by the aromatase enzyme.

Even testosterone, the primary male hormone will convert to the primary female hormone once the aromatase process takes place. When this occurs many of the common side effects associated largely with anabolic androgenic steroids are shown in a pronounced manner. Side effects like, Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) and excess water retention/bloat are often the two most prominent effects.

Why liquid Arimidex inhibits the aromatase process from occurring should be reasonably simple to understand why anyone would buy Arimidex; when we use anabolic steroids we simply buy Arimidex to keep estrogen at bay and to avoid the commonly associated side effects of increased levels. It should be noted, when you buy proper liquid Arimidex and responsible use it is very important as reducing your estrogen too low can have negative consequences, especially for the immune system; some estrogen is imperative to a healthy and well-functioning body.

The randomized, multicentre, double-blind study ATAC (Arimidex, Tamoxifen Alone or in Combination) was started in 1996 to answer the following questions:

  • Is the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole (Arimidex ® ) as effective as the previous “gold standard” tamoxifen in adjuvant breast cancer treatment of postmenopausal women?
  • Does anastrozole treatment have safety and side effects?
  • Can a combination of anastrozole and tamoxifen offer more safety or effectiveness than tamoxifen monotherapy?

Tamoxifen: first choice so far

The estrogen receptor antagonist tamoxifen has been a standard therapeutic agent in the treatment of hormone-sensitive breast cancer for 30 years. It is approved for adjuvant therapy after primary treatment and for palliative treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Although the substance is tolerated relatively well, endometrial carcinomas and thromboembolism occur in addition to various gynecological complications when taken for a long time.

For about 10 years, reversible and irreversible aromatase inhibitors (see box) have been used in women with postmenopause for adjuvant therapy of breast cancer. The results of the ATAC study show a significant superiority over tamoxifen for the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole, which was introduced into therapy in 1995.

Box text: Aromatase inhibitor

Aromatase is an enzyme complex that catalyzes the conversion of androgens into estrogens in the ovaries, muscles, adipose tissue and breast cancer cells. This is done by oxidative removal of the C-19 methyl group and simultaneous aromatization of ring A. A distinction is made between reversible aromatase inhibitors [aminogluthetimide (Orimeten®), anastrozole (Arimidex®), letrozole (Femara®)] and irreversible inhibitors [exemestane (Aromasin ®), Formestane (Lentaron®), Testolacton (Fludestrin®)].

study design

The study involved 9366 postmenopausal women whose primary therapy (surgery, radiation or chemotherapy) had been completed and who appeared suitable for adjuvant therapy. 84% of all patients were hormone receptor-positive. 3125 women received anastrozole (1 mg daily), 3116 tamoxifen (20 mg daily) and 3125 patients a combination of both. The combination therapy was hoped for advantages through additive or synergistic effects of the two active ingredients. The recently published data refer to the observation period from July 1996 to March 2000. The mean observation period was 33.3 months.

Significantly higher effectiveness of anastrozole

Treatment with anastrozole was found to be significantly more effective than that with tamoxifen or combination therapy during the observation period. In the anastrozole group, 317 of 3125 women (10.1%) developed metastases or relapses or died. These events occurred in 12.2% (379 of 3116 women) in the tamoxifen group and in 12.3% (383 of 3125 women) in the combination group.

In other words, disease-free survival was significantly longer in women treated with anastrozole than those treated with tamoxifen or combination therapy. However, the combination therapy was not significantly different from the tamoxifen treatment. The superiority of anastrozole was shown even more clearly in the subgroup of hormone-receptor-positive patients.

Compatibility and security

All three treatment regimens were well tolerated by most patients. There were significantly fewer treatment discontinuations in the anastrozole group than in the tamoxifen group. This could also be due to the fact that anastrozole therapy had significantly fewer hot flashes, vaginal bleeding, ischemic cerebrovascular events, venous thromboembolism, and endometrial cancer compared to tamoxifen treatment.

However, skeletal muscle diseases and fractures were significantly less common with tamoxifen treatment. This is probably due to the partially agonistic effects of the estrogen receptor antagonist. Despite the encouraging results of the study, a longer follow-up period is required to make a final benefit-risk assessment. For example, the safety of anastrozole over a therapy period of five years is currently unclear.

New registrations this year?

Based on the new study results, AstraZeneca is aiming for approval of the aromatase inhibitor in women in early breast cancer stages this year. The American approval agency FDA is currently examining the application for an extension of approval for adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. So far, anastrozole has been approved as first-line therapy for postmenopausal women with advanced or metastatic hormone-sensitive breast cancer and as second-line therapy after tamoxifen treatment.


BPC 157 Tablets – Buy Them Here

bpc 157 tablets Do you know which peptide is considered one of the most unique in the modern pharmacological market? You may be surprised to know that it’s BPC-157 tablets! Many athletes are eager to buy it, and there is a very good explanation for this.


So, the first thing a little digression into history: this peptide was obtained from the natural protein Timosin, which protects the walls of the stomach. But in its pure form, BPC 157 tablets do not exist in nature, and for this reason, this substance is considered to be synthetic.

In general, three functions are attributed to this drug.

  • It is an effective nootropic (you can verify this personally by looking at the reviews of BPC-157 on different thematic sites and resources);
  • It is considered an effective ergogenic;
  • It is famous for its powerful regenerative function.

This is confirmed by the results of many studies that clearly confirmed: under the influence of the peptide BPC 157 tablets Nanox, the process of regeneration of various tissues really accelerates significantly, starting from bones and ending with the brain.


Unfortunately, to name the optimal dosage of this peptide is still quite difficult. It all depends on the form in which the athlete is and on what results he wants to achieve with this drug. However, there is an opinion that a single dose of BPC-157 5 mg should be 1.6 μg per 1 kg of the athlete’s body weight.

Admit it, you already had a desire to get to know this drug better? Well, then we will be happy to contribute to this – it’s easiest to buy the BPC-157 in the United States. After all, this peptide is always available in the Mad Bear online store. The wide selection of sports nutrition presented here will pleasantly surprise any customer. The price of the BPC-157 is also very, very affordable, and you can verify this personally. Prompt delivery of drugs is possible both in Moscow and in any region of our country!

BPC-157 Tablets vs Injection

Although BPC-157 is a relatively safe peptide, many agree that the tablet form is noticeably a safer option with very little chance of causing ant type of complications to the user. The ease of use and total absence of contraindications makes the BPC-157 tablets a preferred option for most.

BPC 157 Tablets Review – Worth The Money Or Not?

Whenever we look to buy peptides of any type we have to be cautious as to what we are actually paying out good money for. Are they safe and not made in Eastern Europe or Pakistan? Are they fake and will they actually do what I want them to do?

James Talbot recently purchased the BPC 157 tablets as seen in the image at the top of this article. Click on the image for more detailed information and the latest price, or click here to view it.

James’ Review

I’ve been using peptides for several years and I’ve more or less tried them all at one time or another. BPC157 has always been the one I return to each time because of how highly effective it is. I was using the liquid form for almost 3 years with fantastic results.

The side effects that I was having from the liquid BPC made me look around for an answer. I read about BPC 157 tablets and how they don’t give side effects and I got interested. After taking a couple of courses over the first month I immediately noticed the lack of hot and cold feverish effects that I had with the liquid. The palpitations and fatigue and dizziness were also absent.

While injecting I always had an incredible hunger that made me put on weight. I noticed with the tablets that this was not apparent. I have been on BPC 157 tablets for a couple of years now and I don’t foresee myself stopping taking them.


Highest Quality RAD 140 SARM For Sale

For those who want the advantages of increased muscle with the simultaneous suppression of androgenic side effects check out companies with RAD 140 SARM for sale. Along with more intensity and endurance in high-intensity training sessions, the answer is to check out companies with SARMs for sale. Overall, SARM RAD 140 offers a significantly accelerated build-up of new muscle tissue and also more strength, endurance, and energy during demanding athletic activities.

The anabolic effect of SARM RAD 140 is stronger than that of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). In addition, SARM RAD 140 can increase its anabolic effect when testosterone is added and reduce the androgenic side effects of testosterone. The side effects of this can include acne, oily skin, breast tissue growth, prostate enlargement, and testicle size reduction, etc!

What is RAD-140?

RAD 140 is also known as Testolon. It is from the group of research chemicals called SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators. They have a high affinity for androgen receptors, with a strength that exceeds testosterone. They were first on the scene in 2010, so this is a relatively new preparation. The SARM was developed to replace synthetic testosterone, which has no effect on prostate hyperplasia. This type of preparation is a more stable form than anabolic hormones and has a complete AR agonist located in muscles, bones and nervous system. It is able to create an environment that promotes growth processes in the mentioned areas of the organism.

RAD 140 Danger

Medical tests have shown a great anabolic effect! Based on medical tests, Brawn RAD-140 was able to demonstrate a greater anabolic effect than testosterone. Researchers have pointed out that in addition to an “increased” effect with testosterone; all other androgenic side effects that would otherwise have been contained were also contained. This makes using RAD-140 safer and more effective in a course than e.g. with pro-hormones or steroids. So far, no special side effects have been identified, but a PCT should be used to avoid any risk.

Choices include SARM RAD-140 liquid for sale

By supporting the process of reducing excess adipose tissue, it also makes it possible to expose a defatted and defined musculature, which is obtained in a relatively short time. Other advantages of RAD 140 pills for sale, capsules and liquid form are:

  • Stimulation of testosterone production — especially important for people with a low level or who want to increase it to promote muscle anabolism.
  • No HPTA blocking — it can be used between steroid cycles to maintain the effects of the cycle.
  • No side effects associated with synthetic testosterone. No prostate effect and does not “block” — and can be used instead of anabolic steroids as a means of growing muscle mass.
  • Does not directly cause gynecomastia, so it can be used without fear of the consequences that affect the aesthetics of the figure.

RAD-140 shows an anti-catabolic effect, which is why it can be used in the reduction to protect the muscles from decomposition.

Why is RAD 140 SARM for Sale?

As SARMs are relatively new there are not many clinical studies on its effectiveness in humans. There are only studies in monkeys been done where testolone was administered are results known. During the treatment, there was a drastic increase in lean muscle mass. The increase in the fat-free mass was dependent on the dose. The higher doses caused a considerably more intensive growth of dry matter and an increased fat loss. For this reason, RAD-140 is classed as a SARM by means of all the properties expected from compounds of this type — safety and effectiveness.

How does Rad-140 dosage work?

The effectiveness of RAD-140 capsules, liquids and pills is very high due to the optimal half-life. This allows the agent to be supplemented once a day.

  • Doses that have a corresponding anabolic effect are between 12–20 mg.
  • The optimal cycle time for Testolon is 10–14 weeks and can be extended or modified by adding other active ingredients.
  • Those in the industry recommend a dosage of 2–3 capsules a day for a duration of about 6–8 weeks.
  • The recommended amount should not be exceeded.
  • This supplement should not be taken for more then 8 weeks.
  • After completing the intake phase it is important to carry out correct post cycle therapy.


The time of application can be chosen freely because RAD 140 has a very long half-life of up to 48 hours. So you could e.g. Take in the morning and benefit from the additional “energy boost” from RAD 140 during the day. Then work out in the evening and still fully utilize the effects of SARM RAD 140.

Top 5 Benefits of RAD 140

  1. RAD-140 increases the level of testosterone in the body, producing effects that can be compared to or even better than the synthetic injection hormone.
  2. It has no effect on HPTA — thanks to what it can be used between steroid cycles as a means to maintain the effects.
  3. It has a half-life of approximately 24 hours, which is why only one serving is taken per day.
  4. Testolon does not increase levels of estrogen, prolactin or progesterone, which means there is no risk of gynecomastia or other hormonal problems.
  5. It is very anabolic buy has a very weak androgenic effect. It can be used as an alternative to anabolic steroids.

Best Online Company with RAD 140 SARM for sale

At this stage, we would like to state that RAD 140 is classed as a research chemical and not for human consumption. But, as you will have read this and they are popular among fitness enthusiasts due to their muscle-building properties. They are often called performance enhancement drugs. SARMs are banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) in all sporting competitions. However, they are widely available for experts to study and continue testing. It is important to discover new cures for various conditions and diseases to make those who suffer have a better life.


Bacteriostatic Water CVS – Read This Review!

Bacteriostatic Water CVS Bacteriostatic water CVS is one of the top-selling bac waters in the United States today. There’s so much hype regarding this particular brand over others, but why?

There is currently a supply bottleneck for sterile water in the United States. The American hospital pharmacist now faces the challenge of continuing to produce injectability. The pharmaceutical organization “American Society of Health-System Pharmacists” has published a question-and-answer catalog on practical aspects.

Buy Bacteriostatic Water CVS if Quality is Important

There has been a “drought” for sterile water in US hospital pharmacies. There are currently supply shortages for both ampoules and bottles. According to information from the American drug agency FDA, the next possible water deliveries by the major manufacturers Hospira and Fresenius will only be possible again from May this year.

This creates practical problems for American hospital pharmacists with some sterile prescriptions and defects. In collaboration with the University of Utah, the American pharmacist organization “American Society of Health-System Pharmacists” (ASHP) has created a question-and-answer catalog on dealing with delivery bottlenecks.

Tips for hospital pharmacists

This letter, for example, dealt with the cases in which

injections can be exchanged for other sterile liquids such as saline. However, such an exchange can lead to incompatibilities such as precipitations. For this reason, the ASHP recommends first checking the product information for lyophilizes to determine whether an alternative solvent is possible. ASHP advises against the exchange of sterile water with conserved bacteriostatic water.

The ASHP also provides tips on how hospital pharmacists can save sterile water. Sterile water is mostly needed to dissolve medication powders. For some drugs, ready-made solutions are alternatively available, the use of which can reduce the consumption of water for injections. It can also be helpful to check internally in the hospital whether sterile water is also used outside of pharmaceutical production.

Another possibility is the multiple uses of larger containers with water for injection purposes under a sterile atmosphere. The ASHP points out that the container must be labeled with sterile water with the time and date of the first withdrawal. Openings should generally be discarded after six hours if using bulk goods (Pharmacy Bulk Package) after four hours.

CVS Bac Review

We contacted some of our most loyal contributors to this website and asked them to share their experiences with Bacteriostatic Water CVS. The 7 most reported points they all shared were as follows:

  1. General lack of interest with the customer and slow to deal with their issues.
  2. Prices compared with competitors are negligible, however, compared to MedLab Gear CVS do not come close.
  3. Shipping was acceptable but long-standing clients have tended to swap to Medlab also
  4. PRICE! We found that the prices of labsuppliesonline and med supply shown an economical advantage
  5. For most bacteriostatic water uses you will find that any supplier will have a genuine stock of bacteriostatic water for HCG and bacteriostatic water for HGH
  6. This company has a generous stock of other medical supply brands and most are of a satisfactory standard and completely safe to use.
  7. CVS, according to our readers and customers of CVS have praised the efforts that have recently been made on their behalf. They continue to gain reputation and we hope this continues in the foreseeable future.

Is Microcrystalline Cellulose Bad For You?

Microcrystalline cellulose is an additive in the cellulose family, called E460. It is an excipient extracted from vegetable fiber, widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. What are its characteristics? What is it for? Does its consumption pose a danger to human health? Is microcrystalline cellulose bad for you?

  1. –  What is microcrystalline cellulose?
  2. –  What is it used for?
  3. –  Does it present toxicity to humans?
  4. –  To sum up
  5. –  In conclusion

What is microcrystalline cellulose?

Microcrystalline cellulose, also known as ” cellulose gel  “, is a derivative of cellulose, a carbohydrate made up of a macromolecule of D-glucose, which is polymerized into a long chain from 15 to 15,000.
The cellulose with the number E460 is made up of two food additives:
  • the microcrystalline cellulose called E460  ;
  • the powdered cellulose, called E460.

Microcrystalline cellulose, labeled E460, is obtained after purification and partial depolymerization of natural cellulose, present in the pulps of fibrous plant material strain.

The natural cellulose is first separated from the lignin and hemicellulose (other components of the plant cell wall). Then it is necessary to use acid hydrolysis for removing the amorphous part of the cellulose so that it remains only the crystalline polymer.

Is cotton which is most rich in cellulose (about 90% content), followed by the timber (40 to 50% content) and corn.

What is it for ?

Microcrystalline cellulose can fulfill several functions in the food and pharmaceutical industries:

  • an absorbent: to transform a liquid (water or oil) into a gel;
  • an anti-caking agent: to limit the agglutination of the particles;
  • an emulsifier: to obtain or maintain a uniform mixture;
  • thickener: to increase the viscosity of the product;
  • a tablet disintegrator ;
  • stabilizer: to maintain a uniform dispersion of the particles;
  • binder and a diluent: to shape the shape and hardness of the tablets and capsules;
  • additive support: support for any food additive.

This excipient can be added to:

  • a wide range of categories of foodstuffs 3, except baby food;
  • the food additive 4(for a function other than an additive medium);
  • the food enzymes  ;
  • the food flavorings  ;
  • the nutrients (vitamins, minerals and other substances added for nutritional or physiological).

Does it present toxicity for Humans?

Digestible or not?

Natural cellulose is not digestible by humans. But so that it can be assimilated, the microcrystalline cellulose is extracted so that it is free from all-natural characteristics. It is therefore no longer natural, but rather of natural origin. Some manufacturers even classify it as a synthetic excipient.

It should be noted that this additive is not absorbed in the human body: what has been ingested is completely excreted in the feces.

What are its side effects on health?

The French Association for Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Research (ARTAC) considers this additive as possibly carcinogenic. But it should not be taken into account. All other reports cite it as harmless. microcrystalline cellulose allergy can be a problem according to research however there has been no firm research to comfirm this.

The tests performed in vitro in mice have shown no genotoxic effects. In fact, it does not cause any metabolic reaction, hence the absence of harmful effects for the body.

Manufacturers are only required to add only the minimum amount sufficient for each product since in high doses, microcrystalline cellulose can cause microcrystalline cellulose bloating and diarrhea.

What is his daily acceptable dose (ADI)?

With the various foods, food supplements and drugs containing microcrystalline cellulose on the market, it may be that its consumption is significant.

But this should not be a problem: the consumption of this substance has no effect on the human body. According to the Annex to Commission Regulation No. 1129/2011 EU Commission 5, the maximum amount follows the principle of the quantum satis, therefore no limit is imposed.

In the United States, microcrystalline cellulose consumption is about 2 to 10 g per day.

What about the quality of the plants?

The plants used to obtain microcrystalline cellulose may be of questionable quality. Indeed, in Europe, it is sometimes approved to use:

  • of transgenic cotton  ;
  • the GM maize.

Is it authorized for organic food?

In the United States, microcrystalline cellulose is an authorized synthetic additive. But in Europe, EU regulations prohibit its use in the organic sector, unless it only serves as a carrier for additives.

to summarize

  • It is a molecule of natural origin, considered to be synthetic.
  • The vegetable fibers used to extract it are sometimes of poor quality.
  • This substance is not authorized in organic food, nor in preparations for infants and young children.
  • The amount consumed is entirely eliminated in the feces, without being transformed during its passage through the body. This generally explains its harmlessness to health.
  • No maximum consumption limit is imposed.

In conclusion

We can consider microcrystalline cellulose as a healthy excipient. In addition, it does not expose to the risk of overdose.


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SARMs For Sale – Best Buys For 2020

sarms for saleFinding SARMs for sale these days has become more difficult due to the restrictions set out by Govt bodies such as the DEA and the FDA. There are however plenty of sellers that are abiding by new regulations that offer an honest legit service.

SARM, also known as SARMs, stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, which have a similar effect to anabolic steroids, but without their side effects. They are a potential medicine to treat muscle wasting and other muscle disorders. BEST CHEAPEST SARMs FOR SALE HERE – BUY AT TODAY’S PRICES!

SARMs are considered a miracle weapon for fast muscle building, strength building, and fat loss. The advantages of SARMs over steroids are, SARMs can be taken orally easily, they do not have to be injected like classic steroids.
SARM’s advantages:

  • Extremely strong anabolic effect.
  • Stronger than testosterone.
  • Building dry muscle mass.
  • Prevent muscle loss during a definition and diet phase.
  • Hardly any side effects.
  • Almost all androgen-related side effects are eliminated.
  • There is no conversion to estrogen.

Studies have also shown that SARM has up to 10 times higher binding properties to the androgen receptors than testosterone, which makes them, at least in theory, appear more suitable for muscle building than conventional anabolic and androgenic steroids.

 All about SARMs and their effects

There is a new trend in the market for bodybuilder supplements: Instead of prohormone or steroid cures, many athletes swear by the positive anabolic effects of SARMs – selective androgen receptor modulators. But what exactly does this term mean, how do the supplements work and what is there to consider? We give you an overview of SARMs.

What are SARMs?

The abbreviation SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, and these are non-steroidal compounds that selectively dock with the androgen receptors in the body and have effects similar to those of prohormone or steroid cures. In contrast to these cures, negative side effects should be eliminated when taking SARMs. So are SARMs the new prohormone replacement?
Effect of SARMs

SARMs have been researched and developed by large pharmaceutical companies to bring effective drugs to the market, for example for muscle loss in old age or after surgery. This should create a form of therapy that promotes muscle growth – without the negative androgenic side effects.

Accordingly, from a medical point of view, SARMs must have advantageous tissue selectivity. The selectivity of the androgen receptor modulators brought success: For example, SARMs lead to agonistic activities in the bones and muscles, while the influence on the secondary sexual tissue is minimal.

SARMS should, therefore, have these beneficial effects:

  1. anabolic effect
  2. increased build-up of lean, fat-free muscle mass
  3. more endurance and strength
  4. improved regeneration after injuries

At the same time, however, the side effects that exist with prohormone and steroid cures are eliminated:

no damage to the liver and prostate
no androgenic effects (hair loss, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, etc.)

SARMs in weight training and bodybuilding

Bodybuilders and strength athletes take SARMs mainly because of these goals:

increased muscle building
increased fat loss
improved muscle regeneration
less loss of muscle mass between two steroid or prohormone treatments

Known SARMs currently used by athletes include, for example:


SARM Ostarine is also known under the name MK-2866 and it was developed by the company Gtx. The product uses its anabolic effects to build fat-free muscle tissue and improves healing skills after injuries. It


Highest Quality SARMs You’ll Ever Find!

highest quality sarmsThe highest quality SARMs according to many SARMs suppliers are hard to find now but they still are definitely the most popular products in the last year that became the subject of great debate and controversy. Do they work or not? Are they harmful or not? Are they another marketing ploy or not?

Quite a few articles have written about SARM (selective androgen receptor modulators) – whether they can really replace steroids, whether they are harmless or not, which are good, which are not, etc. In my personal experience over the last few months – yes, most of them work and have no side effects. Yes, of course, they are not as potent as anabolic steroids, but they are harmless or at least ten times more harmless than steroids.

Proven Peptides For Highest Quality SARMs

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Our review of some of the Highest Quality SARMs for buying SARMs includes Secret Supps, Umbrella Labs and SARMs4You.

In any case, if you choose to use them, you should have realistic expectations depending on the specific SARM – with Kardarin, which is for cleansing, there is more energy, more sweating during exercise, less appetite, speeding up metabolism, and hence – a gradual clearing of unwanted fat. In Ibutamoren, for example, there is more power, more energy, more appetite, much better pumping, and at least for me – light water retention.

After stopping Kardarin – the lost fat will not return unless we start to eat a lot and bad things. Ibutamoren has lost some weight, personally I lost about 60-70% after stopping the intake, but I was pleased with the result. Some people are angry that after stopping their intake or after stopping training, they have lost track. But they forget that steroids not only lose track of things but may also drop to a lower level than before due to reduced testosterone levels and high estrogen levels after an anabolic steroid cycle.

This is observed with SARM, neither with me nor with anyone else who has used them. The other is that you cannot achieve any results, stop training, and expect the results to be the same.

The topic of SARM, though up-to-date, is not new at all. In the middle of the last century, steroidal  SARMs have been used in medicine for the treatment of many diseases, including cancer, hypogonadism, osteoporosis, and many more diseases related to muscle loss and bone density. These  SARMs had a very strong effect on muscle growth due to their high affinity for binding to androgen receptors. Unfortunately, the first  SARM has been steroid and has been accompanied by side effects such as gynecomastia, decreased libido after use, and liver and kidney problems. Another side effect that has been caused and is inherent in anabolic steroids is their ability to alter the DNA of multiple cells, increasing heart size and prostate size.

Steroid versus non-steroidal SARM

In the early 1990s, scientists created the first non-steroidal SARMs to be selective for receptors. While steroids and steroidal  SARMs unlock each lock and stimulate muscle growth, even if it is not good for health, non-steroidal  SARMs can only unlock the desired locks, not those that cause unwanted side effects. NSAIDs are rapidly gaining in popularity and used by bodybuilders and weight lifters as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. Unfortunately, however,  SARM is just part of the big muscle game and for the time being, they cannot provide as impressive results as anabolic steroids.

In large bodybuilding huge amounts of hormonal preparations, growth hormones, insulin is used. Although some  SARMs are theoretically 200 times more potent than pure testosterone and 80 times more selective for muscle, the practice shows lower testosterone results but no side effects. However, as with any other industry – cigarettes, oil, medicines, there is a backlash trying to discredit  SARMs because they threaten businesses with conventional anabolic steroids and nutritional supplements. Interestingly, however, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency, one-tenth of all athletes in the world use Ostarin.

How does SARM work?

Unlike the known anabolic steroids and prohormones,  SARMs bind directly to the male sex hormone receptors and affect the body’s chosen tissue or system in the body. After discontinuation of their intake, no lasting negative effects on the systems in the body or side effects are observed.

As we grow older, our stamina, strength, and skeletal muscle begin to diminish due to the loss of type 2 muscle fibers. With the use of  SARM, these adverse effects of advancing age can be significantly delayed, allowing us to have a better quality of life to an advanced age. SARMs bind to the same receptors as steroids, but without the side effects. This is a remarkable achievement in medicine and pharmacology and, despite the resistance, the development will continue.

My observations

My observations of  SARM  have been around for the past few months, and apart from using it myself, I have been asking my clients who I keep in touch with and who use SARM. The overall conclusion is that they work and everyone is feeling better than before. The results are not “WOW”, but are tangible and real to the point that everyone I asked felt more strength, energy, less fatigue, gained or lost weight (whatever the goal was), etc., depending on the specific SARM he uses.

Yes, I reiterate that the effect is not like using anabolic steroids, but so far no side effects have been observed, and if any, they were minimal and disappeared immediately after discontinuing the given SARM. Personally, in my opinion, this makes  CAPM suitable for a very wide range of people, whether they are professional athletes or not, and I am fully convinced that in the coming years, the development of  CAPM will continue precisely because of the ratio of outcomes: side effects where anabolic steroids totally lose the battle because of the harmful effects after their use, and the mass nutritional supplements – because of the poor results (which does not prevent  SARM from being combined with each other as well as with nutritional supplements).

Benefits of Highest Quality SARMs:

– Stimulate the growth of muscle and bone tissue

– Increase endurance

– Speed ​​up the recovery process

– Increase protein synthesis

– Improve the absorption of nutrients

– Promote the storage of muscle tissue

– Help burn fat

– Reduce bad cholesterol levels

– Beneficial effect on joint function

Side Effects:

– There are no proven ones

If you would like to learn how I can help you individually achieve better results, click here:  SERVICES OFFERED

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As mentioned before, SARMs work in much the same way as steroids do, but then what makes them so different and how do they not have those strong side effects that you can get from steroids?

The method by which SARMs work is specific, that is, they only affect the tissues in which you want to induce growth and improvement, namely, muscle tissue and bone structure strengthening. Steroids, on the other hand, also give you this advantage, with the small detail that they both stimulate growth and change in muscle tissue and affect second-degree organs.

The most commonly affected organs from the steroids are the testicles, they reduce and accordingly completely stop producing testosterone because the body receives enough from an external source (steroids). The worst part, in this case, is to never regain normal production of your own testosterone, and in order to feel and function normally, you have to undergo hormone therapy for the rest of your life. Other organs that can be affected are the liver due to the high toxicity of steroids. The prostate and the heart can also be enlarged, making the likelihood of Cancer greater.

Sarms are NOT affected by minor organs, but when taken intensely they can also reduce your own testosterone production because their effect is so similar that the body simply takes them for testosterone and decreases production but never stops it completely. Therefore, no therapy is needed after a cycle of SARMs, but a break is still desirable.

Sarms have the potential of steroids, ie they act in a similar way with similar results, but if we have to compare them, they have 70% of the potency of steroids, which is very impressive due to the fact that they eliminate the side effects that can be caused by chemistry…

During post-cycle therapy. The most popular SARM for regaining and retaining the maximum amount of muscle mass you have gained during your cycle is the Ostarin MK2866. Suitable for a recovery period of 6 to 8 weeks as it does not suppress testosterone levels and at the same time has a pretty similar reaction that you can expect from a testosterone. In this way, it mimics its action and allows you to maintain your accumulated muscle mass while restoring your own testosterone production to normal levels.

– Together with steroids, CAPMs are used that do not have as high hormonal activity as Cardarine GW501516 and Ibutamoren MK677 (provided you do not use synthetic growth hormone). The reason why we do not recommend other SARMs along with steroids is that their effect is very similar and the effects overlap, that is, if you take another type of SARM with steroids the effect will be lost along with the money invested in vain. Mandarin and Ibutamoren, on the other hand, would increase the effect of steroids and help you achieve greater results.

Highest Quality SARMs – Our Oinion

We believe that in the future, SARMS or their sophisticated development will play a huge role in modern medicine and, of course, in any sports discipline. Imagine products created and refined after thousands of experiments that alter human genes and enable you to be the best in your sporting discipline … the good one will be the one who gave the most … Sarms are the beginning of a better future!