Proven Peptides Review 2019

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and DosageWelcome to our Proven Peptides review where we hope you will find all the answers to your questions about this new SARM supplier. Florida based Proven Peptides have been operating since 2017 and their popularity during this short period has been nothing less than astonishing! How do they stand up and in fact rise above their competitors in this highly competitive market? Let’s take a look!

Ultimate Proven Peptides Review – The Only One You Will Need

It’s normal to want to know as much as possible about a company you are thinking of handing your hard-earned money to. We have the answers to some of your most asked questions about Proven.

Is Proven Peptides Legit?

The most commonly asked question about any company! Fortunately, there’s a simple answer to this, yet, Proven Peptides are completely legit. It’s too soon to know if they will be around long term in this competitive market in the USA but so far their future is looking bright.

The feedback we’ve had so far from our contributors has been very encouraging indeed. When people are kind enough to step forward to offer their honest reviews, we know that things are looking good. Our first review came from Liam Contois of New Jersey.

Proven Peptides SARMs Review

I found Proven Peptides by accident while on Facebook. I clicked on the Proven Peptides website and spent some time looking around. I was mainly looking for ligandrol, lgd 4033 peptide. I noticed they had the 15ml bottle for only $39.99. They had 2 other larger sizes also but as I had never used them before, I wanted to start small. I wanted to ask a few questions before making an order with these guys so I contacted them. My first thoughts were how well educated on their stock they were. They seemed to just know everything in great detail.

I was really happy so I went ahead and placed my order. To my amazement, the order arrived 3 days later. The packaging was discreet and well packed. I have since tested the quality of the Proven Peptides LGD and it’s as pure as I expected. I actually wrote to Proven Peps to thank them for their professionalism. I have ordered 3 further times from them and each time I have had no problems at all.

Proven Peptides Ostarine Review – The Most Reputable SARMs Around!

Michael Hodge bought MK-2866 and he soon chose Proven to be his number 1 provider for his needs. He gave his opinion to us:

I always choose ostarine for my workout schedule. This is mainly due to its effectiveness in increasing muscle mass and also dropping the fat. I found a proven peptides coupon code online when they first started trading. I ordered with them immediately so not to lose out on the discount. Proven Peptides shipping time is very fast and quite possibly the quickest I’ve known up to now.

I couldn’t fault the service I received in any way. Basically speaking, I got exactly what I was expecting. I would certainly use these guys again and recommend them to others. I did take a look but at the moment there’s no proven peptides coupon published now.

Proven Peptides RAD 140

Karl Bell ordered RAD140 and we asked him for his honest opinion. Here’s what he told us:

In December 2017 I found online a deal for Proven Peptides RAD 140. It was selling at $139.99, around $40 less than I had recently paid to another company. The bottle was a whacking 60ml so the price was great! The quality was just fine and I got free shipping. When I asked about the quality and purity they told me that all their chemicalss are 3rd party tested. After testing them, I had no cause to doubt the sheer quality of what they sell.

Proven Peptides SARMs – Peptide Points

Now this can save some money! For every $ you spend, you’ll get a reward of 10 cents reduced from your next order. That’s a recurring discount of 10% off each and every future order!!!

Most of the stock carried at the moment is actually SARMs rather than peptides and new stock is regularly added as one can see on the Proven Peptides Reddit page.

Proven Peptides payment

Currently, Proven Peptides are one of the very few research chemical sellers to offer a full range of payment methods. Many competitors in the same niche will only now accept payment via cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin etc.

One can see the advantages of buying from a trusted company with a reputation for trust and reliability. Don’t be fooled by the false promises offered by others. We only publish the real facts of sellers that we have had over 70% positive feedback.



Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

S4 SARM Review – Benefits of Andarine

Have you been looking for a reliable S4 SARM review? If that’s you, you’ve arrived at the right place! So what is S4 and what’s all the hype about? S4 is more correctly and simply known as Andarine, or Acetamidoxolutamide. There’s no need to try to remember the latter word and in this article we will simply refer to it as S4. Originally developed for the treatment of certain muscle wasting conditions, it is also now used for the increase in building muscle mass and the ability to increase the calcium levels in the body helps with bone density building. A full introduction of Andarine can be viewed at

Who Can Benefit From S4 SARM?

The trend these days is that sports people tend to use S4 for treating their muscles to improve performance, endurance and visual perfection. In medicine it has shown very effective results when used to treat osteoporosis. Bodybuilders have received huge benefits from what they regard S4 as the best SARM available.

S4 SARM Side Effects

So who doesn’t benefit from taking S4 SARM? Andarine is possibly the most powerful SARM on the market today and although this benefits some with its fast results, to others it can present the dreaded undesirables! Many report that whilst dosing on s4 they experience vision changes. The onset of yellow spots and tints is experienced by many after a short period. The good news is that the effects are not permanent, however there is no way of knowing how long the effects will last. Some recommend a dosing of 5 days on S4 followed by a break of 2 days. Suppression is

another side effects that have been reported by some.

Liquid s4 SARM Review

S4 SARM For Sale

There seems to be a lack of good SARMs S4 Reviews around the net but we’re about to change that! After gathering enough feedback from real people who have recently used s4, we now have a couple of reliable suppliers that we can happily recommend. First we’ll take a look at the most used form of S4, the liquid. We found 2 companies that supply good quality at great prices. First up is Choice Compounds. They’re selling S-4 – 50mg x 30ml at just $49.99. Order more than 1 and see the massive discounts. See all the latest prices here!

Another great buy now is at Proven Peptides.Their 50mg/50ml S4 is a fantastic buy at $74.99 f0r 30ml. Buy it now 

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

while stocks last!

S4 SARM Warnings – Don’t Trust Everyone!

We can never emphasise enough on the importance of buying research chemicals from only the most honest reliable sellers. Where possible, and it is not always easy, we try to report only on USA made products. The reason for this is in a bid to minimize the risk to the end user as much as possible. However, please use your own caution on this and if you have doubt of any kind, do not place the order.

S4 and LGD 4033 Stack

A method utilizes by many bodybuilders these days is the S4 and lgd 4033 stack. This involves taking 50mg of S4 daily along with 10mg of LGD 4033. The whole course should be stretched over 8 weeks and then stopped. Be warned though if you’re considering using the capsule form of SARMs. These are almost always fake products and should be avoided at all costs.


Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

Buy Etizest and Feel Better Today – Guaranteed

Is anxiety ruining your life and leaving you in despair? Are you willing to buy etizest and try this tested and proven long term cure to this energy sapping condition? If you’ve answered yes to both questions, then keep on reading while I share with you an answer to your suffering.

What is Etizest?

Etizest is one of many brand names used for the sale of Etizolam, a benzodiazepine analog marketed by It has seen a significant amount of success in the treatment of depression and anxiety based illnesses and there are several reviews to back these claims up. Read this Wiki article for a full explanation.

Buy Etizest and Put an End to Sleepless Nights

Yes that’s right, Etizest is an excellent way to wave goodbye to all those dreaded sleepless nights. For once in your life you now have the opportunity to go to bed rest assured that you’ll enjoy a peaceful uninterrupted nights sleep. That’s what Etizest will do for you!

So if Insomnia is destroying those much deserved restful nights, buy Etizest here and see how it works for you.

Etizest Reviews 2018

It’s all good saying that a product is perfect and that it’s the best thing since sliced bread, however, what do people really think? Are those who have bought Etizest been satisfied by their purchase?

Here are the verdicts of 3 recent customers who decided to buy Etizest for both the treatment of insomnia and anxiety, often the 2 conditions come together.

Robert Lucas, Philadelphia, USA. 

I’ve been a long sufferer of anxiety and severe depression since as far back as my teens. I’ve spent more time in doctors offices than some of the doctors themselves. To cut a long story short, I had been prescribed everything from anxiety and anti-depression medications to yoga and other forms of meditation. In a nutshell, nothing worked.

When I seen an advertisement on the net for Etizest, it caught my eye. It seemed to be the answer to my dreams, literally. I bought a dose of them, 100 tablets of 1mg per tablet. I started the dose immediately and unknown to me, this was where my life was about to change. Within 4 days of buying Etizest and taking the tablets, I was feeling positively different. My sleeping had improved, all be it just slightly but there was improvement. I found that I could face the day a little better than before and that was a feeling I hadn’t had in a number of years.

Moving on 3 months and I’m a different person in so many ways! My outlook on life is a more positive one and both friends and relatives often comment on the change in me – for the better!

Julie K Dawson, Houston, Texas, USA

Sleep deprivation was preventing me from having a normal life and I thought I had tried just about everything, spent a small fortune also. I was told by a close friend about a company called Etizolab that specialize in the treatments of

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

this type of condition. I initially decided to buy Etizeal but it didn’t work as well as Etizest.

Etizest took a long time before I noticed any significant changes but I was soon to learn that this little tablet would turn my life around eventually. A course of 100 tablets was my initial purchase and to be honest I only started to experience a change towards the end of my first packet. The change however was a positive one and well worth waiting for. I’m not a patient person and I get very angry when things don’t go my way. Etizest worked though and it got me back on life’s track and now I’m much more able to get through a day.

Mark Sommers. Alberta, Canada

I seen an advert saying Buy Etizeal and I was intrigued as to what it was all about. After reading on I discovered that it helped with anxiety, a problem I had been suffering on and off for most of my adult life. My career is quite a

stressful one but I love it. I always thought that if I could find a way to just handle the stress a little better, I would be the happiest person around! I kept staring at the ad and I noticed another 3 products. Do I buy Etilee or buy Etibest?

A little research on the subject brought me to Etizest. Most reviews I had read stated that if you Buy Etizest you will become the healthy easy going person that you want to be. So moving on to the present time. I’ve finished 3 packs of Etizest 1mg tablets. These were not taken concurrently however, they were used over 3 years.

I now notice that my career is taking me to new heights and this is due mainly to me being able to cope better with the responsibilities that my job has. I would personally recommend anyone to buy Etizest if they need a little help when life gets just too tough.


Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

Blue Sky Peptide Review 2018

This Blue Sky Peptide review that we at Peptides Bodybuilding have compiled has the most important points from previous and current clients who have purchased from Blue Sky Peptide.

USA based Blue Sky Peptide claim to provide only the highest quality research peptides available from within the US. They also boast of having the most efficient ordering service which according to their website is “fast, discreet, convenient and affordable. So just how true are their claims and how do our readers rate them? Let us begin our Blue sky peptide review!

Benefits of Choosing Blue sky peptide

A number of our readers noticed that Blue Sky Peptide provide more offers than most other competitors and these are typically in the form of buy 1 get 1 free, 25% discount and a very popular bonus is their reward of 5% back for every $1 spent on products.

The customer service is beyond what one would expect from a company and Blue Sky Peptide certainly goes the extra mile to ensure that they achieve 100% customer satisfaction, no matter what.

Blue Sky Peptide Review

Here are a few truthful comments we have received from our loyal readers recently:

James McKinroy…

My experience of this company so far has been a good one. I found the customer service to be so efficient and extremely helpful. This is an important aspect for me and I would not contemplate ordering from any company who offers a sub-standard service. Fortunately I found Blue Sky Peptide to be professional from start to finish. The quality and price of my purchase was just amazing and I’ve since ordered again.

Raymond Silva…

I spent a substantial amount of money with Blue Sky by ordering bulk peptides. I didn’t realize at the time that I had been granted a discount of 78% due to the quantity I requested. Quality control is perfect and as I live in Norway it’s very hard to get hold of peptides, but they shipped my order to me which arrived quickly to my door. I have no complaints at all and I would recommend Blue Sky Peptide to anyone.

Myrna West…

I’ve only been involved in bodybuilding for 18 months and the class I attend informed me of a peptide supplier called Blue Sky Peptide. After carefully considering spending at this stage, I decided to give those shot. I placed my first order after visiting their website, I was on my phone and after choosing what I wanted I then continued to order via my iphone. I will add that many other peptides companies have websites which I found difficult to navigate, however this was not the case with Blue Sky. Their site is very user friendly and straight forward. All in all I’ve had a pleasant experience with them and when I was asked by David at Peptides Bodybuilding to write a Blue Sky Peptide review, I was more than delighted to help.

Martin Friedman…

My first order was around $150 and when checking out I was informed that I would have no shipping costs to pay. Apparently all orders over $99 come with free shipping. That was a good start for me! It gotten even better than that when I realized that I was getting further discount of a buy one get one free promotion. My order arrived at lightning speed, it was very well packed and the invoice was straight forward. My personal review of Blue Sky Peptide is that they are a genuinely good honest company who never tire of my inquiries and they’re always happy to assist.

So there are just a few reviews of Blue Sky Peptide and I hope that you can now decide if this is the company most suited to you when you are ready to order your next supply of peptides.

Thank you to our reader’s above who have taken time out to write their Blue Sky Peptide reviews and opinions to share with us.

Blue Sky Peptide have some great current offers which include:

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

25% Discount

Bulk Peptides

Research Peptides

If you would like to add to our Blue Sky Peptide review or any other supplier, then please contact us with your honest opinion.





Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

Take Advantage Of Med Lab Gear – Read These 7 Tips

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and DosageMed Lab Gear is simply a medical and research supply company that caters for most needs in their field. From diabetic supplies to vial boxes, hypodermic needles, syringes to lab gear, they have just about everything under one roof. They are truly dedicated to their clients and whilst keeping to promises of same day shipping and quality guaranteed, it’s immediately evident that they have a reputation which is second to none.

The 7 Best Things About Med Lab Gear

Take a look on the internet and you will find literally thousands of medical lab suppliers all it seems promising the best service out there, however, how do we know who to trust? Reviews are almost always the best place to start. Most reputable businesses will have at least a few online reviews that real life customers have taken the liberty to write. Please bear in mind however, that some very new companies may not have been operating long enough to generate any reviews. This does not indicate in any way that this would be best avoided.

Here’s a 2 reviews of Med Lab Gear so you know a little about their reputation before taking the plunge: Medlab Gear – Best Medical Supplies Online


7 Tips For Using Med Lab Gear To Your Advantage

  1. The website is very easy to navigate and this allows for the visitor to quickly find the product(s) they are looking to buy.
  2. Customer service is almost always an issue that lets a company’s reputation down. Customers sometimes need some professional assistance and their first port of call is the retailer that they want to purchase from. Fortunately Med Lab Gear have a highly professional team of customer service staff and they know what they’re talking about! In addition to calling them, there’s also a live chat option on the website.
  3. Keep a watch from time to time for the generous discounts on certain items. These can be anything from a $ discount to 50% off! A good idea is to sign up for the newsletter and they’ll keep you informed.
  4. This point will probably never be an issue, however, there just may be a time when you don’t find a particular product that you desire. As mentioned above, communication can bring satisfaction and by simply talking to a representative, they may be able to source the item needed.
  5. Browse the blog here where you can gain so much information on subjects including how to use and read a syringe, best injection sites on the body, a guide to dropper bottles and in fact there are over 40 informative posts to read.
  6. Paying for goods online can be a problem to some of us. At times we find that certain websites just don’t offer a payment method that suits us. Med Lab Gear have really thought this one through! They will actually welcome payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Bitcoin. It doesn’t get better than that!
  7. Opening hours are from Monday to Saturday at Monday – Friday: 08:00-8:00 and Saturday: 09:00-2:00. Plenty of time to get your order through and be able to speak to customer service if need be. Out of hours you can drop them a line by email at

Try Med Lab Gear now by visiting their huge user friendly website here and you will be glad that you found them.

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

Medlab Gear – Best Medical Supplies Online

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and DosageMedlab Gear is a medical lab supply company based in the U.S. Over the past couple of years they have made such an impact on this market that their rivals are finding hard to beat. We’ll look at some of the benefits that Medlab Gear offers, from bacteriostatic water to Welch Vacuum Pumps, they have it all!

MedlabGear Shopping

First of all let’s look at their website, you can find it here. On your first visit, you’ll notice that they carry a huge range of products, far too much to list in this article. The VWR Dyla-Dual Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer is hard to beat for its low price of $490. But big expensive products are not what they’re about. Medlab Gear make it their sole intension to provide almost everything that one could want for their own medical or research purposes.

Navigating the website is a joy. This has obviously been created with the user in mind and many agree that finding and indeed ordering from Medlab Gear is as simple as it can get.

5 Simple Tips for Ordering

  1. On the left-hand sidebar of the website you can find “Categories”. Use this to quickly navigate to the exact products you are searching for. This is extremely helpful on a website that has so many products.
  2. Also to be found on the left is yet another helpful user friendly product finder, “Shop by brand” will help to filter down to actual product brands.
  3. Registering an account takes less than 2 minutes and this allows you to order immediately and take advantage of any current medlabgear coupon if available.
  4. Go to the very bottom of the website and where it says “Sign Up to Our Newsletter”, do just that. This can be beneficial to keep up to date on new products, medlabgear discount, and news about the company.
  5. Use the Online Chat! In my opinion, there are nowhere near enough online shops that use live chat software to make the buying process an easy one. Medlab Gear have an excellent chat option that pops up at the bottom of every page. Just fill out the form and get asking the questions. You will get a fast and helpful response.

Visit Medlab Gear For Best Offers Now!

Medlabgear Review 2017-2018

It’s never a good idea to buy anything online without having done ones homework prior to parting with your money. Medlab Gear is a relatively new company with around 2 years of trading behind them. The fact that there are some good reviews regarding them is a good sign that Medlab are serious and dedicated to what they are doing. I recently read a review that looks at people that have a fear of needles. It seems that Medlab Gear stock needles that are so thin that the patient/user feels no pain whatsoever. One such patient was Dianne Sturgess, a long-term diabetes sufferer.

Dianne kindly shared her experience with Medlab Gear over a period of 8 months and with 6 orders. This is what she told us. The main points of interest:

  • I found the website of Medlabs by accident really. I had heard about pain free injections and how thin hypodermic needles can now be purchased to avoid all the fear and pain of self-injecting. Finding a couple of medlab reviews was helpful.
  • I used their online chatting service to get more information on what I wanted. The guy on the other end was helpful and he knew his products very well from what I could tell.
  • After chatting I ordered some needles, syringes and KIMTECH PURE* W4 Pre-Saturated Sterile Wipers, Pk 40. Ordering was simple and the payment process could not have been easier. The price was far lower than what I had been paying in local stores in the high street.
  • To my surprise, my order arrived after just 3 days. I’m based in the U.S so I cannot speak for anyone from other countries. Everything was packed to a high standard and with no chance of breakages.
  • Summary: I would order again from Medlab Gear and the relationship I have built with the staff of this company is ones of trust and I will continue to order in the future. They are now my only supplier.

Take a look at what Medlab Gear have in stock and if they don’t have what you are looking for, just use their online chat and discuss your needs with their customer service staff.












Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

Choice Compounds Research Peptides and SARMs

Choice Compounds are an American based supplier of all research peptides, SARMs and all the medical gear to accompany them. They currently have one of the biggest stocks of compounds in the U.S to date and this seems to be an every increasing stock.

Let’s take a look at some of their main features before sharing a customer review of this new enterprise.

Main Features of Choice Compounds

Right from the first visit to their website they make it priority to mention that the products they sell are for research purposes only and they take no responsibility for those that abuse this. The reputation of this company has been built on the honesty they have striven to protect. This is evident when looking at their target group, mainly consisting of official laboratories and educational institutes around the United States and abroad. With so many unscrupulous operators selling substandard chemicals, it is no surprise that Choice Compounds have became such a success over the last year.

The Benefits of using Choice Compounds

Why use Choice Compounds and what do they actually offer that is above what others do? Better and purer compounds is just one of the benefits. The purity certificate states that they are as close to 100% pure as anyone can achieve. Pricing is not to be overlooked either, and yet again they come up tops in their field. Let’s look at a few prices:

For a full list of research peptides, take a look at their price list. For SARMs full list see here. For all other products simply visit their sales page here.

Choice Compounds Reviews

We have been fortunate enough with the assistance of one of our readers and contributor to this website, to provide a Choice Compounds review. A question often asked when any new company emerge is often is Choice Compounds legit. Early indications are positively encouraging to say the least.

These are some of the points we’ve learnt about Choice Compounds from Simon Lenton, NJ.

I first noticed this new company (Choice Compounds) around 5 months ago and at first I was taken back by the huge stock of what looked to me like these guys have nothing short of everything! I’ve used maybe 7 different research chem suppliers over a 3 year period and I have to be honest, I’ve been lucky with most of them. Choice Compounds however, seem to be the one stop shop of them all! There seems to be literally nothing that they don’t provide. What’s also very useful is that they have a great stock of supplies also. Stuff like bacteriostatic water at just $9.99 is amazing. Dropper bottles and propylene glycol are also in abundance! What I’m saying is that the time ordering all this from just one supplier online is just so much easier that going from site to site.

Ordering from Choice Compounds

Delivery times are always a major annoyance to me, especially when I live in the US and my order is coming from a US based company. Why can’t they ever get their shipping times faster? I received 3 of my 4 orders from Choice Compounds within 3 days, that’s the kind of service I want.

I had some confusion whilst ordering recently. Well it was my fault really mainly because my internet connection was lost while I was sending the order. I got on to customer service right away and explained the problem. It was not a problem at all to Choice Compounds, they dealt with it instantly.

Conclusion – Choice Compounds

In my honest opinion, I would rate Choice Compounds very highly if you are looking at a stress free ordering service with very high quality chemicals in return. I have left customer reviews previous to this one, only to be dissapointed at a later date when standards sadly drop. I really hope that the staff at Choice Compounds keep up their professionalism. I for one will continue to use them if they do.

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

BPC 157 For Sale – US Made Lowest Prices

We’ve been inundated with inquiries from people asking where they can find BPC 157 for sale, and we’re pleased to say that we now have some good news! That’s right! Thanks to a brand new enterprise known as Choice Compounds we can now get you on your way to placing your first order of BPC 157.

Where to Buy BPC 157

BPC 157 is not the easiest peptide to get hold of, however, Choice Compounds are currently holding a limited stock of this USA made research chemical. What’s even better is that they are giving a 10% discount on the first order of every new customer! Just use go here when ordering and that’s it. The price at the time of writing for the best bpc 157 buy is just $39.99.

BPC 157 Review

Recent customers that purchased BPC 157 from Choice Compounds report that the quality was of an above average purity standard and all in all, good value for money. But what about the techie side of things and how pure is this product? Choice Compounds state that the molecular formula is:


Molecular weight is at 1419.55

CAS 137525-51-0

The product comes in white powder form and it is recommended that it should always be stored at normal room temperature to ensure the maximum life of the powder.

Choice Compounds is as we stated above, a new company and their reputation of offering among others BPC 157 for sale is growing rapidly. In the current market that sees time and time again, peptide suppliers being shut down by WADA regulations, we sincerely hope that this one will stick around. If you ask us is Choice Compounds legit, we can only say that from our reviewers, it certainly is.

Please let us know your thoughts and experiences of buying BPC 157 from any supplier within the USA, we always appreciate the opinions of our readers. If you find BPC 157 for sale elsewhere, just drop us a line and we’ll share your reviews with everyone.

BPC 157 For Sale Online

Before buying BPC 157 it’s always good to know how to use it and what you actually expect from your dosage. If you’re looking to heal torn muscles and gut problems, this is your best friend! Our advice is to use it exactly for what it does and don’t expect miracles. You may or may not know that the first part of its name, BPC actually means Body Protecting Compound, it’s self explanatory isn’t it?

Your purchase of this peptide should always be backed up by a purity certificate that is provided by the supplier. Don’t be tempted by Chinese imports that can often be watered down and in extreme cases, dangerous to ones health.  If you feel the need to get really technical, take a look at this breakdown of BPC 157.

So finding quality BPC 157 for sale is pretty easy if you know where to look. Our recommendations are Choice Compounds (as mentioned above), Peptides Warehouse, BlueSky Peptides and there a a few others but we do not have enough positive reviews to mention their names here.

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

LGD 4033 Before And After Results

LGD 4033 before and after effects are being monitored and reported by bodybuilders who have used the drug. Since LGD-4033, or more popularly known as Ligandrol, is relatively new on the market for muscle growth and performance enhancement, the information has become helpful. It is intended for other users of the drugs and those who are planning to use it.

To have a better understanding of LGD-4033 or Ligandrol, we should first examine other related compounds that have similar purposes. These compounds are anabolic steroids and selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs. LGD-4033 is a type of SARM.

Even though bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts follow strict programs to maintain their physique, they still resort to taking supplements to enhance their performance. They also help sculpt their body and improve their endurance during a workout.

Anabolic Steroids

One of the most popular supplements is anabolic steroids. If you have been working out, you most likely have heard stories about using anabolic steroids. Those who have used this supplement would swear on its effectiveness regarding fat loss, lean muscle gain, and performance enhancement.

However, because of these seemingly superhuman effects, bodybuilders have the tendency to abuse anabolic steroids. This is where the adverse effects of the drug come in. The side effects of anabolic steroids range from noticeable physical changes up to the internal organs of the body.

Some of the reported effects that can be seen externally are oily skin and scalp. This then results in developing acne on the skin. Also, using anabolic steroids cause hair loss. On the other hand, those who have abused the drug experienced excessive facial hair growth, testicular atrophy or shrinking of the testicles. Other abusers observed breast enlargement in men and a decrease in sperm count.

More adverse and permanent effects of using anabolic steroids are damage to the kidneys, liver, and heart. It is also known to cause high blood pressure and psychological issues.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs

Because of the adverse effects of using anabolic steroids, other less damaging alternatives were developed. One of the most promising supplements available on the market today are SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators.

They produce similar favourable effects of an ananabolic steroid such as lean muscle development, endurance improvement, performance enhancement, and fat loss. However, because of the particular attributes of SARMs, they do not have damaging effects on the internal organs.

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast use some popular SARMs in the market. These are the MK-2866 or GTx-024 (Ostarine), LGD-3303, GSX-007 or S-4 (Andarine), GW-501516 (Cardarine), and LGD-4033 (Ligandrol). According to some users who have reported their experiences in using SARMs, based on LGD-4033 before and after monitoring, it is the most efficient type in the market as per its content.

LGD-4033 or Ligandrol

Ligandrol or LGD-4033 is a relatively newer type of nonsteroidal SARM. It is commonly used by bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiast for bulking, cutting, and recomping. It is known to be the strongest type of SARM in the market. In doses of 10 mg a day, gains of 5 to 10 pounds can be observed within the period of just one month. This is considerably faster than seeing results with using anabolic steroids.

More importantly, LGD-4033 has virtually no side effects as compared to using anabolic steroids. However, this does not mean that there are no reported side effects at all. According to some studies of LGD-4033 before and after monitoring, the drug suppresses free testosterone in the body. As with any other drug, the body would tend to react to anything we add to it. It also lowers sex hormone binding globulin.

Monitoring LGD-4033 Before and After Effects

Most users who tracked and reported LGD-4033 before and after effects presented their findings through YouTube videos. They reported their statistics, the improvement in their workout and physique, and the side effects that they observed. Most of the users who have monitored their usage are male bodybuilders.


The content of the videos presents the differences of LGD-4033 before and after use. It shows images of the users’ physique before using the drug in comparison to how their body transformed after a cycle of LGD-4033 or Ligandrol.

They described their bodies to be more defined such as biceps, shoulders, and abdominal muscles. This reveals the powerful effects of LGD-4033.


Aside from the images of the users’ physique, they also described their statistics upon beginning their Ligandrol cycle. The details included are age, weight, height, workout history, workout program, diet, and dosage. This data is necessary to set the context of comparing their performance before and after they took LGD-4033.


Most of the users were impressed with the improvements they have experienced in taking LGD-4033. One user reported having bulked up as observed upon gaining weight. He mentioned that he experienced lean hard muscle mass gains. He also reported an incredible increase in lgd 4033 strength gains. With these improvements, he was able to break the development plateau that he experienced before using LGD-4033.

To describe the improvements while using LGD-4033, he enumerated the notable increase in the reps he would do when working out. Also, he reported a significant increase in the weights that he could lift. He even observed an improvement in his endurance during workouts. He mentioned that he lasted longer doing his workout program when he used LGD-4033.

Side effects

Users of LGD-4033 who monitored their progress also reported the side effects they have experienced. Some observed some joint pains. There are also reported cases of testosterone suppression. However, overall, LGD-4033 users seemed to be impressed with the benefits of the drug.

From using anabolic steroid to the development of SARMs, bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts are now able to take advantage of the strongest SARM in the market today. LGD-4033 produces the benefits of anabolic steroids like fat loss, lean muscle gain, strength, and endurance. This drug has negligible side effects as compared to the adverse effects of anabolic steroids. Users can also attest to the quick, favourable effects they have observed in using supplements to build their body.

Overall, the benefits of using LGD-4033 or Ligandrol outweigh its side effects. The users who have monitored and reported LGD-4033 before and after condition can help those who are already using and planning to use the drug in monitoring their progress.







Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage

What Is Ligandrol LGD 4033?

Ligandrol, also known as LGD-4033, is becoming increasingly popular each day. It is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders for bulking and cutting. It is significant to know that SARMs are not steroids; in fact, they are quite different in their production and side effects. Also, SARMs can run longer than steroids that you take orally.

LGD-4033 is recognized for being one of the strongest and most anabolic-like SARM supplements available on the market today. It is non-methylated, which means it is much cleaner and can put less pressure on the liver. When you start taking Ligandrol, you will be able to observe better and faster results as compared to the intake of other substances, which makes it an extremely effective supplement.

How Does It Work?

Ligandrol works by selectively tying the androgen receptors. It enhances the anabolic activity of the muscles and bones instead of harming or negatively affecting the sebaceous and prostate glands, which usually happens if you use steroids.

Recently, a study was concluded concerning LGD-4033 that was known as Phase I Multiple Ascending Dose. In the study, an unplanned placebo or LGD-4033 was given to several fit volunteers. The study declared Ligandrol as a harmless substance that showed various benefits, such as improvement in lean muscle mass, an increase in the level of strength and a decrease in body fat, on a consistent intake. Moreover, the results showed that it possesses some healing properties and does not cause any undesirable side effects that can result from the use of anabolic steroids and prohormones.

What Can I Use It For?

One of the primary reasons why people consume LGD-4033 is because it helps kick-start their training regime. To elaborate further, the supplement can help you gain a jump-start for your testosterone. The effect of other supplements on testosterone can take longer to show; in fact, it can even take one month before some people start feeling the benefits. However, with Ligandrol, you do not need to worry about the duration of the intake because it can give you a nearly instant boost, especially if you use it in combination with some other forms of training supplements.

Other uses of LGD-4033 include bulking, cutting, and recomposing. This substance can bulk you up more as compared to other SARMs. Although diet has a major effect on muscle mass, a lot of people have reported an increase of ten pounds with the use of Ligandrol, which can be increased further if you combine it with a high-calorie intake. It is an ideal supplement for those who want to see a lean increase in body mass.

Using it with Cardarine (also known as GW-501516) can give you accelerated results right from the moment you begin taking the substances. A lot of people also use Ligandrol by stacking Ostarine (also called MK-2866) because they want to cut. In addition to this, when the supplement is used in conjunction with other SARMS such as Ostatine, S4, MK677 and GW, it can increase the likelihood of a stronger recomposition. You can expect to gain the same parts of muscles as the parts of fat that you lose.

What Amount Should I Take and When?

LGD-4033 is usually taken orally, which is why it is one of the best SARMs to help you get the maximum effects quickly. If you are new to taking supplements, you are advised to first consult your healthcare provider, keeping your health condition in mind.

A commonly recommended dosage of Ligandrol is five to ten milligrams each day for eight weeks. The substance has a half-life of about thirty hours, and you can only get all the benefits from it by using it every day while making sure a high concentration of the drug is always maintained in your system.

The dosage of LGD-4033 also depends on your objective for consuming it. If you want to recompose, an ideal dose would be five to eight milligrams every day for eight weeks, whereas for cutting, three to five milligrams per day for eight weeks would be more suitable.

It is also recommended to increase your current dosage by one to two milligrams after every three to four weeks and cycle off the supplement after every six to twelve weeks.

Ligandrol Side effects: Is It Safe to Use?

LGD-4033 has proven to be completely safe for young and healthy men. Plenty of studies have been conducted due to the concerns about the side effects of testosterone in young men. However, all of the research made it pretty evident that Ligandrol is one of the safest supplements out there. In one of these studies, seventy-six men between the ages of 21 and 50 were placed on a placebo or the supplement for twenty-one days. Tests were done on lipids, blood count, prostate antigen and more. According to the results, LGD-4033 was proven to be well tolerated and showed no adverse effects at all. Furthermore, the hormone levels of the individuals who took the supplement returned to normal after the study was finished. Thus, it is quite evident that Ligandrol does not cause any side effects.

On the other hand, the substance has various other benefits. The results of the study also showed an increase in the lean muscle mass of the subjects. Taking it on a long-term basis can get you even more benefits.

Another great thing about LGD-4033 is that it binds to the androgen and has a very high level of affinity. In addition to this, it has selective activation signaling and is consumed orally, which means if you want to bulk up without any nasty side effects, Ligandrol can be the best option.


Ligandrol is a one of the safest selective androgen receptor modulators out there and a unique non-steroidal oral supplement that binds to the AR with high affinity and selectivity. Based on some experiments and studies conducted, this supplement can decrease body fat and enhance lean muscle mass. Moreover, it can boost strength for more challenging and better training performance, overall health, and recovery. Therefore, a huge number of bodybuilders and athletes consume about five to ten milligrams for about eight weeks, which helps them be their best selves.

Ligandrol: Uses, Benefits, and Dosage