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BPC 157 Tablets – Buy Them Here

BPC 157 TabletsDo you know which peptide is considered one of the most unique in the modern pharmacological market? You may be surprised to know that it’s BPC-157 tablets! Many athletes are eager to buy it, and there is a very good explanation for this.


So, the first thing a little digression into history: this peptide was obtained from the natural protein Timosin, which protects the walls of the stomach. But in its pure form, BPC 157 tablets do not exist in nature, and for this reason, this substance is considered to be synthetic.

In general, three functions are attributed to this drug.

  • It is an effective nootropic (you can verify this personally by looking at the reviews of BPC-157 on different thematic sites and resources);
  • It is considered an effective ergogenic;
  • It is famous for its powerful regenerative function.

This is confirmed by the results of many studies that clearly confirmed: under the influence of the peptide BPC 157 tablets Nanox, the process of regeneration of various tissues really accelerates significantly, starting from bones and ending with the brain.


Unfortunately, to name the optimal dosage of this peptide is still quite difficult. It all depends on the form in which the athlete is and on what results he wants to achieve with this drug. However, there is an opinion that a single dose of BPC-157 5 mg should be 1.6 μg per 1 kg of the athlete’s body weight.

Admit it, you already had a desire to get to know this drug better? Well, then we will be happy to contribute to this – it’s easiest to buy the BPC-157 in the United States. After all, this peptide is always available in the Mad Bear online store. The wide selection of sports nutrition presented here will pleasantly surprise any customer. The price of the BPC-157 is also very, very affordable, and you can verify this personally. Prompt delivery of drugs is possible both in Moscow and in any region of our country!

BPC-157 Tablets vs Injection

Although BPC-157 is a relatively safe peptide, many agree that the tablet form is noticeably a safer option with very little chance of causing ant type of complications to the user. The ease of use and total absence of contraindications makes the BPC-157 tablets a preferred option for most.

BPC 157 Tablets Review – Worth The Money Or Not?

Whenever we look to buy peptides of any type we have to be cautious as to what we are actually paying out good money for. Are they safe and not made in Eastern Europe or Pakistan? Are they fake and will they actually do what I want them to do?

James Talbot recently purchased the BPC 157 tablets as seen in the image at the top of this article. Click on the image for more detailed information and the latest price, or click here to view it.

James’ Review

I’ve been using peptides for several years and I’ve more or less tried them all at one time or another. BPC157 has always been the one I return to each time because of how highly effective it is. I was using the liquid form for almost 3 years with fantastic results.

The side effects that I was having from the liquid BPC made me look around for an answer. I read about BPC 157 tablets and how they don’t give side effects and I got interested. After taking a couple of courses over the first month I immediately noticed the lack of hot and cold feverish effects that I had with the liquid. The palpitations and fatigue and dizziness were also absent.

While injecting I always had an incredible hunger that made me put on weight. I noticed with the tablets that this was not apparent. I have been on BPC 157 tablets for a couple of years now and I don’t foresee myself stopping taking them.

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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