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TB-500 Thymosin Beta-4

TB-500 Thymosin Beta-4 is a synthetic peptide of the naturally occurring healing protein present in about all human and mammalian cells known as Thymosin Beta 4 (TB4), which is a 36 amino acid sequence that is produced by and secreted by human fibroblasts as an inactive precursor polypeptide containing a 5 amino acid signal thymosin … Read more

Best Injectable Peptides for Anti Aging

This article looks in depth at the best Injectable Peptides for Anti Aging. Most people are afraid of old age and the associated unpleasant sensations. This article looks at the best injectable Peptides for anti-aging and their effectiveness on the aging process. Everyone has wondered if there is a way to postpone old age, stay … Read more

Peptides Therapy – Read This Before Buying!

Peptides Therapy: As the endogenous (body) proteins of the immune system can be obtained from dietary proteins, all proteins, respectively. their peptides and amino acids are important for their maintenance. In the US, where whey protein isolates have been paying particular attention in recent years, it has been found that over 90 percent of proteins … Read more

The Various Uses of Exemestane PCT – for Breast Cancer Patients and Bodybuilders

Exemestane PCT for Bodybuilders Now coming to using exemestane for bodybuilding – if you plan on using exemestane post pct, that is, after your anabolic steroid cycle, you must possess proper knowledge regarding the proper usage of this drug, the associated benefits, and certain tips and tricks to make the process much smoother. Drugs containing … Read more

4 Essential Reasons To Use Element SARMS

A relatively new enterprise, Element Sarms joined the market of research chemicals in 2014. During their short time, they have gained success as one of the fastest-growing suppliers of quality SARMS and peptides in the United States. We look at what the general public buyers have said about Element Sarms and why they have became … Read more

Clinical Grade Peptides Videos

Let’s take a look at clinical grade peptides and help us to gain a better understanding of what these proteins are all about. Clinical grade peptides along with the many forms of steroids are now being used worldwide as an effective growth hormone. They are used intensely by bodybuilders both male and female. As we … Read more

MGF Peptide: An Introduction

What makes MGF Peptide the most preferred peptide supplement by athletes? MGF Peptide is a much commonly used abbreviation for “Mechano Growth Factor” peptide which is a very popular exercise supplement used by bodybuilders & athletes. The biomolecule was first discovered & documented by a well-known biochemist called Goldspink. It is also known as “IGF-1EC” … Read more

FMOC Peptide Synthesis Analysis

Safety should always come first when it comes to fmoc peptide synthesis and supplements. Fake products and dangerous supplements often harm beyond the point of redemption. The labels also make absurd claims at times, and these are beyond any scientific proof. Thus, it’s always better to consult a doctor or sports medicine specialists prior to … Read more

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.