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Dr. Renaud: PURE Youth Body Care

Dr. Renaud: PURE Youth Body CareIf you want your body to look great after your bodybuilding workouts, Dr. Renaud PURE Youth Body Care is what you need.

Dr. Renaud’s line of skin care products deals with slowing down the aging processes of our skin. His products have a noticeable effect on lines and wrinkles. The products in Dr. Renaud’s line are: Cleansing Foam Gel, Tender Scrub, Raspberry Milk, Sensicalm Cream, Perfect Skin Serum, Happy-Choc Cream, Starlift Cream, Nutri Complex Cream, Sun Stop Cream, Smooth Look Eye Mask and Peach Skin Body Milk and as already mentioned PURE Youth Body Care.

Dr. Renaud’s PURE Youth Body Care is a part of the anti aging collection and is designed to smooth out and nourish your skin. The product does contain the most important ingredient, an advanced peptide! Advanced peptide helps to stimulate collagen growth and development. Having peptide as a main ingredient is very crucial, because it will allow your skin to become plush and soft in areas that are no longer that way and it will add a new firmness to your skin. To help keep the skin thoroughly moisturized the product contains Hyaluronic Acid that is a great water binding agent. This is less invasive approach then Botox injections.

The website is not the most attractive thing in the world and could use a little help. The website contains its company’s history and gives a description of each product in its catalog. However, the website fails to contain information about how each product really works and the purpose of each formula. Many cosmetics companies have put up ingredient glossaries on their web pages, but Dr. Renaud’s website does not have such a feature. This leaves the consumer to blindly choose the best product for their skin.

The website lists the active ingredients, but that is all. This website is also missing the most essential part of any website that sells a product and that is shopping! You will not find one shopping cart to use on this site; the company does not sell its product through a site and does not provide information on where to find the product outside of France! What is the purpose of even running a website then? You can get the product through third party websites. I guess you can just Google a particular product and hope something comes up.

The two main positives are that the product contains both peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. This will provide you with new collagen growth and firmer skin. The negatives are that the products cannot be found on the manufacturer’s website! Also, the website does not provide detailed descriptions of the active ingredient and the product does not include Argireline.


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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