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Evolution Peptides Review

evolution peptides reviewLet’s take a look at an Evolution Peptides review or 2 from the points of view of what bodybuilders and other users of research peptides have had shared with us.

About Evolution Peptides

Evolution Peptides are an American-based supplier of high-quality research peptides who provide a highly proficient service to their customers, at least that’s what they claim!

Their motto “nothing comes before our customer” has proven to be the result of very mixed opinions from some previous clients of this company.

Evolution Peptides Reviews

Thanks to our great friend and loyal reader, Mike Hamilton has offered to give us his Evolution Peptides review in the hope to help fellow bodybuilders and other sportsmen and women choose the best peptides to achieve top results. Here’s what Mike has to tell us:

Mike Hamilton:

I purchased my very first peptide from Evolution Peptides around 3 years ago and at that time there was not that much information about the use of peptides in bodybuilding. In fact it was harder then than now because very few peptide suppliers would sell to anyone who intended to use them for use on the body in any way.

Evolution Peptides Website

I found their website whilst doing a simple search and I was quite happy with the ease of browsing the Evolution Peptides website. Everything was easy to find and understand. Placing my order was no problem at all and it took me less than 3 minutes from start to finish.


Within 3 days I took delivery of my first shipment of peptides so I can’t complain about delivery time. The packaging was excellent and in fact I found it difficult to break in to.

I have since ordered from Evolution Peptides 16 times and all orders were without mishap of any kind. The delivery time was about the same on all orders which were within 3 days. I’ve never had the need to contact their support so I can’t comment on that, only to say that the fact that I’ve never needed to contact them can only be regarded as a plus point to them.

The Products

Here’s where I have to be honest and share with you all a slightly disappointing side of my Evolution Peptides review. I found at times that the peptides although first class as far as quality goes, they are however a little under dosed in my honest opinion. It’s not a big deal for me because I always order from their promotional offers on the homepage, that way the price to dose strength is more favorable to me. I like Peptides Warehouse.

After using Evolution Peptides for nearly 3 years I’ve decided to try another supplier just to see if the quality and price are as good. Blue Sky Peptides came most recommended so I will try them and write another review to compare the two.

My summary to the Evolution Peptides review is that they are a good honest and reliable peptides supplier and I would recommend them without a problem. I would certainly put them along side one of their top competitors,  for example in terms of quality, price and staff dedication.

Thank you to Mike Hamilton for his Evolution Peptides review.



All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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