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Extreme Peptides Clen

Extreme Peptides Clen

The quality of Extreme Peptides clen has been the subject talked about on a few popular bodybuilding forums recently. Extreme Peptides currently offer a discount on their clenbuterol and at a reduced price from $29.99 to $24.99 (200mcg per ml) it’s a steal!

For those that have never used Extreme Peptides before, we are happy to offer this review from one of our devoted readers and writer.



Extreme Peptides Clen Review: Geoff Boswell

It was to be the very first order I would place with EP. And although I had ordered liquid clen before from another company, I had heard amazing reviews about Extreme Peptides clen. I ordered direct from their website which was very easy.

To my surprise, my order arrived later the next day, a very impressive service I thought. I immediately started my extreme peptide clen dosing after taking some advice from forum members. I wanted to improve my workout, gain more strength and hopefully gain better endurance. I’m not always confident of pumping

chemicals into myself and I always research anything I’m thinking of trying beforehand. I was shocked at first to learn that clenbuterol is actually an agricultural substance used mainly to increase the muscle mass of farm animals prior to slaughter/sale. The chemical reduces body fat without the animal having to exercise. More about clenbuterol on this wiki article.

Contrary to widespread belief, clenbuterol is not an uncoupler unlike usnic acid and sodium usinate. This I thought was all I wanted to know and as so many bodybuilders had used clen with success I knew it would be what I wanted.

Along with wanting to gain muscle I also wanted to lose body fat, and that’s where clenbuterol scored really well for me. I took my dose of Extreme Peptides clen along with a dose of T3. It worked like magic!

The only problems I encountered were that my blood pressure was raised, however, this was very slight compared to other chems that I had used in the past. I also noticed another thing and that was the insane hunger that I just couldn’t deal with no matter what. I was so hungry all the time which was worrying. Cramps had also become a bit of an obstacle that at first was hard to take. Taking in water by the gallon throughout the day was a huge help and after just a few days, the cramps disappeared. I was told that another way to get rid of the cramps if the water isn’t working is to take around 400mg of potassium in tablet form and this can even be taken with taurine in severe cases. The potassium should be taken just before bedtime for best results.

After just 8 weeks I had lost around 20 lbs. It’s not as much as I had wanted but for the work I had to put in, it’s pretty good.

So is extreme peptide clen legit? You bet! You can read our Extreme Peptides review here. There are loads of companies selling clenbuterol under its various guises but Extreme Peptides clen is very high quality and for now at least, I will continue to buy from them.














All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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