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Extreme Peptides Review 2020

Extreme Peptides ReviewHaving been asked several times to write an up to date Extreme Peptides review for 2020, we decided to gather as much feedback as possible from our regular readers in order to provide an honest opinion of this popular research chemicals supplier.

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From the very beginning in 2010, Extreme Peptides and have become one of the biggest names in the sale of research peptides. They take great pride in what we can only say is a 1st class customer service and this point is one that is repeated over and over by those who have used their services. Only a few of Extreme Peptides competitors can come close to the reputation they have achieved.

“Quality is everything” is what Extreme Peptide says is their philosophy. This comes from the company’s initial decision to offer high-quality products at the most reasonable cost to their customers, as opposed to offering the very cheapest low-quality peptides on the market.

Are Extreme Peptides Legit?

As mentioned above Extreme Peptides is a highly trustworthy professional team of retailers and a firm that you can trust 100% with your money and the peptides they provide. They are every bit legit as the other counterparts.

Their website and for their subsidiary company Extreme Peptides Canada who as far as we know is no longer trading.

Extreme Peptides Canada

I must mention here a little about Extreme Peptides Canada due to the fact that many people are under the impression that they are independent of extreme peptides US. This is actually untrue and we can confirm that for those Canadian readers you are better to place your orders with Extreme Peptides Canada to ensure a trouble-free experience. Extreme Peptides Canada is part of the same company and our review here is referring to both. This company also offers free shipping at times providing the order is up to a specified amount and is part of their Extreme Peptides discount code offer.

We found that some users could not view the website pages because they were out of the size of most computers especially laptops and tablet devices. This has proven to be quite annoying to some.

Those who can view the pages in full will find that the website is user-friendly and the ordering process is easy and straight forward.

Here’s what some of our generous readers have told us whilst getting together our Extreme Peptide reviews;

Ray Lord: I found the quality of their peptides to be just as good as all the others on the market and it was just as anyone could have expected. The price was competitive and although there are cheaper companies around the quality can be lower so I was more than satisfied with Extreme Peptides. If you take a look at the left side of their website you will normally find their latest offers which can save a lot of money.

I found the speed of delivery was excellent and the packaging discreet and well protected. I did have to contact their customer services on one occasion due to a damaged package. I found them to be very polite and extremely helpful.

I still use Extreme Peptides as my main supplier of peptides as of yet and I have no immediate plans to change to any others. 10/10 from me!

Dean Huckle: I’m into bodybuilding in a big way and although some guys I trained with had used peptides I had never tried them. I wanted to write my own Extreme Peptides Review for those who will use this company for just that. I decided to order a test batch just to see if they were as good as I had heard. Well to cut a long story short, I can only say that I’ve had no experience with any other peptide companies so I can only give my opinion on Extreme Peptides as a company without being able to compare them with others.

One thing that stood out for me was the speedy delivery that Extreme Peptides provide. I’m an impatient guy who can’t wait long for anything so when my order arrived within 3 days I was really pleased. The peptides I ordered were much cheaper than other providers I had looked at and in some cases they were 50% cheaper especially when I took advantage of their great offers.

I can’t really comment on the quality because I’ve only used this company. I will just say that they did exactly what I expected, and possibly more.

I hope my Extreme Peptides review helps anyone who’s thinking of trying them out!


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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