All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.

Great White Peptides: The Truth

What makes Great White Peptides the most popular peptide retailer in the US?

Great White Peptides is one of the leading suppliers of peptides in the United States with an extensive development & research program which has helped in revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. One should note that the company offers its services & products exclusively to customers residing within the United States of America; however, plans for further market expansion are being currently discussed & future provisions have been laid for the same. The company further specializes in providing domestic customers with high quality peptide products which include Melanotan II, CJC 1295, GHRP-2, GHRP-6 etc in addition to various custom made peptides & popular supplies such as organic solvents etc.

Peptide information

Before discussing about the company’s specifics we must first understand about peptides in general – these bio-molecules have been hailed as the building blocks of life and form the major constituents of all amino acids. One should further note that these peptide molecules can become linked to one another through a covalent bond and form long chain like structures called – polypeptides. These are also found in enzymes, DNA, RNA, cofactors, ligands etc and serve as a major component of proteins. Different classes of peptides include – dipeptides, tripeptides, and tetrapeptides etc which are formed when COOH group of one peptide molecules bonds with the NH group of the other to form an un-branched chain of peptide molecules.

Custom products & bestsellers

Major custom prepared peptides manufactured by Great White Peptides include AC-VIED-PNA, FMOC-D-ABU-OH, ACTH, V5 EPITOPE, CHRYSENE, and 2-AMINO-1-PHENYLETHANOL, CYCLO, H-D-ALA-NH2 and H-D-ALA-OME etc. According to a recent survey, Melanotan II is probably the bestselling product from the company which it describes as a premium quality lyophilized peptide that has been designed exclusively for research purposes. Another popular product includes a much sought after Sterile Water Solution which has been mixed with 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol. It should be noted that Great White Peptides products are noted to be premium quality supplements and have proved to be most effective against light headedness, hunger related issues, tan, carpal tunnel etc.

After-sales services & Refund policy

In addition to highly effective products and premier quality services, Great White Peptides have a highly reputed shipping mechanism in addition to an extremely efficient online store. The entire company is centered on improving & developing newer standards of quality & excellence which most benefit the customer. Along with the above mentioned services, the company also offers a very flexible refund policy. These include of the following provisions:

  • Refund offers are applicable on damaged products, manufacturing defects etc. However, one should note that the offer does not include damaged products due to improper handling by the customer or other such claims.
  • Any defects in the products found on arrival of the products are to be immediately notified to the company, after which the claim will be duly verified and a replacement will be shipped to the customer as early as possible.

One of the best advantages of purchasing from Great White Peptides is that the replacement is sent without any shipping costs charged on the customer.

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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