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How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight on Liraglutide?

How long does it take to lose weight on liraglutide and does it really work? We have been researching weight loss with liraglutide (Novo Nordisk).

What we have found so far is not a clear cut answer but we have a hunch about what the answer is. From the Mayo Clinic: Weight loss with this medication is gradual, typically measured in inches. The loss of weight is due to several processes, such as decrease in appetite and increase in metabolism. So, by weight, it takes a while to notice weight loss. (We are noticing almost a half pound lost each week which is very significant for us.) But, you have to keep track of it on a day by day basis. From the Mayo Clinic: Weight loss and the number of inches lost are usually greater in the first several months, because of the drop in appetite as the body adjusts to the medication. As far as weight loss, it is not a miracle drug and you can’t lose weight while sitting around on your couch. It is more like a commitment. However, if you eat less, are more active and have fun, you can easily lose weight. From the Mayo Clinic: If you combine eating less and exercising more, weight loss is easier. Liraglutide promotes weight loss primarily by decreasing your appetite and increasing metabolism. So, when you eat less and exercise more you will probably see weight loss, but, keep in mind that it is gradual. We are very pleased with the results so far. Since starting liraglutide, we have lost almost 25 pounds combined. Now, we are tracking our daily diet. It is very important to track your daily calorie intake. For now, we are not seeing any changes in our blood glucose levels. That is, we are not seeing that the drug is causing our blood glucose to drop. We were able to cut the liraglutide dose from 3 to 1 milligrams per day, but, we are still keeping it at 1 milligrams per day. If you are wondering how much weight you can lose, here is a chart from the Mayo Clinic. We are happy so far with the weight loss. The one thing that is very easy to track is the number of meals you eat each day. It is pretty simple: If you eat three or fewer meals each day, it is easier to lose weight, and if you eat six or more meals, it is easier to maintain weight loss. So, tracking food intake is very easy. You can ask our nurse at our clinic for help and information. If you are curious, they can set you up for a free visit with a nurse at your local clinic. Hope this helps. A: It’s not entirely clear why it takes that long. The initial loss of weight and inches is likely due to a combination of reduced appetite, changes in metabolism, and reduced water intake. As for your specific concerns, it appears that 1 mg liraglutide per day is not a very high dose. In practice, what I’ve found in a number of clinical studies is that there is little difference between doses around 1 mg. Higher doses can make it more likely to cause vomiting, but still be effective. It’s possible that the liraglutide in the commercial versions of Victoza and Novo Nordisk is formulated at a very high dose and may cause less adverse effects than the doses that were initially investigated, but the doses for those studies may also not be the maximum tolerated dose for those commercial products. Liraglutide could be developed at a higher dose, but then it would likely have to be tested for efficacy at the higher doses. The initial weight loss in your case does not sound too high and it could be assumed to be due to a combination of reduced appetite and increased metabolism. It could be that you had a more significant response at a higher dose, but the doses of liraglutide available at the moment have been tested and are currently approved. The initial loss of weight is likely due to reduced appetite and increased metabolism. Source:

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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