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, Medlab Gear – Best Medical Supplies OnlineMedlab Gear is a medical lab supply company based in the U.S. Over the past couple of years they have made such an impact on this market that their rivals are finding hard to beat. We’ll look at some of the benefits that Medlab Gear offers, from bacteriostatic water to Welch Vacuum Pumps, they have it all!

MedlabGear Shopping

First of all, let’s look at their website, you can find it here. On your first visit, you’ll notice that they carry a huge range of products, far too much to list in this article. The VWR Dyla-Dual Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer is hard to beat for its low price of $490. But big expensive products are not what they’re about. Medlab Gear makes it their sole intention to provide almost everything that one could want for their own medical or research purposes.

Navigating the website is a joy. This has obviously been created with the user in mind and many agree that finding and indeed ordering from Medlab Gear is as simple as it can get.

5 Simple Tips for Ordering

  1. On the left-hand sidebar of the website you can find “Categories”. Use this to quickly navigate to the exact products you are searching for. This is extremely helpful on a website that has so many products.
  2. Also to be found on the left is yet another helpful user-friendly product finder, “Shop by brand” will help to filter down to actual product brands.
  3. Registering an account takes less than 2 minutes and this allows you to order immediately and take advantage of any current medlabgear coupon if available.
  4. Go to the very bottom of the website and where it says “Sign Up to Our Newsletter”, do just that. This can be beneficial to keep up to date on new products, medlab gear discounts, and news about the company.
  5. Use the Online Chat! In my opinion, there are nowhere near enough online shops that use live chat software to make the buying process an easy one. Medlab Gear has an excellent chat option that pops up at the bottom of every page. Just fill out the form and get asking the questions. You will get a fast and helpful response.

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Medlabgear Review 2017-2018

It’s never a good idea to buy anything online without having done one’s homework prior to parting with your money. Medlab Gear is a relatively new company with around 2 years of trading behind them. The fact that there are some good reviews regarding them is a good sign that Medlab is serious and dedicated to what they are doing. I recently read a review that looks at people that have a fear of needles. It seems that Medlab Gear stock needles that are so thin that the patient/user feels no pain whatsoever. One such patient was Dianne Sturgess, a long-term diabetes sufferer.

Dianne kindly shared her experience with Medlab Gear over a period of 8 months and with 6 orders. This is what she told us. The main points of interest:

  • I found the website of Medlabs by accident really. I had heard about pain-free injections and how thin hypodermic needles can now be purchased to avoid all the fear and pain of self-injecting. Finding a couple of medlab reviews was helpful.
  • I used their online chatting service to get more information on what I wanted. The guy on the other end was helpful and he knew his products very well from what I could tell.
  • After chatting I ordered some needles, syringes and KIMTECH PURE* W4 Pre-Saturated Sterile Wipers, Pk 40. Ordering was simple and the payment process could not have been easier. The price was far lower than what I had been paying in local stores in the high street.
  • To my surprise, my order arrived after just 3 days. I’m based in the U.S so I cannot speak for anyone from other countries. Everything was packed to a high standard and with no chance of breakages.
  • Summary: I would order again from Medlab Gear and the relationship I have built with the staff of this company is ones of trust and I will continue to order in the future. They are now my only supplier.

Take a look at what Medlab Gear has in stock and if they don’t have what you are looking for, just use their online chat and discuss your needs with their customer service staff.