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Being dark is fashionable in today’s society. It is associated with an image of well-being and health. In addition, it is enough to look at the advertising posters or the fashion series to see the physical model that is associated with success or fame, in which the tan is present. But this has not always been the case; Being dark is a fashion of the last two-thirds of the twentieth century .

What is a Melanotan Injections Buy?

While in the nineteenth century tanning was associated with the idea of ​​working people from the fields or laborers, the bourgeoisie and nobility presented pale skin in accordance with their socioeconomic situation and social activity. During the 20th century. These terms were reversed and the one who was not tanned was the one who could not afford a vacation.

What the Media Say About Melanotan

The darker and longer during the year, the better. In the various gossip magazines you could see the influential people of the moment enjoying their long vacations on paradisiacal beaches and their brown skins… This attitude was naturally reflected in the general population, increasing tourism in search of sun. Over the years and the advancement of science has shown how damaging this fashion can be, with the usual photoaging and increase in different skin neoplasms. This circumstance has conditioned that, without abandoning the search for the desired tan, different sectors of the population look for alternative methods to achieve it. In this issue, Dr. Hueso et al. Report a case of the illegal use of a substance to increase the production of melanin. Next I will focus on melanotan, the reason for this article.

 Is A Melanotan Injections Buy Worth it?

Melanotan (MT) is a synthetic analog of α-MSH, a hormone that belongs to the group of melanocortin’s, molecules of a peptide nature that have different functions in the body 1 . Α-MSH, binding to different melanocortin receptors (MR), produces several effects:

  • 1.

    Increased melanogenesis by binding to MR1 that stimulates different enzymes, including tyrosinase. It also appears to stimulate melanocytic proliferation

  • 2.

    Erections and increased sexual stimulation by binding to MR3 in the central nervous system. Unlike sildenafil, a phosphodiesterase III inhibitor that produces erections through an effect at the peripheral level, it does not require sexual stimulation and its effect is longer lasting 4 .

  • 3.

    Decreased appetite. The anorectic effect is produced by its binding to the MR4 receptor at the central level, and to MR2 at the peripheral level, it also seems that it may have an effect on lipolysis through its binding to the MR5 receptor

  • Four.

    Immunomodulatory effects. It seems to decrease the inflammatory and immune response of the body.

  • 5.

    Effects on the cardiovascular system of the vasopressor type, with an increase in vascular pressure

  • 6.

    Changes in behavior The effects in this field are highly variable and affect learning, attention and psychomotor coordination, and modify sexual and eating behavior


There are 2 molecules synthesized from melanotan

  • Melanotan I ([Nle4-D-Phe7] -a-MSH) is a linear peptide of 13 amino acids in which the fourth amino acid, methionine, is replaced by norleucine, and the seventh amino acid, L-phenylalanine, is replaced by D- phenylalanine. This molecule is more resistant to degradation than its natural analog, and that makes the stimulus produced on its receptor, mainly MR1, more powerful.

  • Melanotan II (Ac-Nle- [Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys] -a-MSH-NH2) is a shorter variant with a lactam ring that, like the previous one, is more potent than natural α-MSH, but also has more side effects because it is less receptor-specific. This molecule produces, in addition to increased melanogenesis, decreased appetite and increased sexual potency.


What medical uses does Melanotan Injections Buy have or can it have?

The two molecules, MTI and MTII, were originally developed to investigate their effects on melanin production and to achieve an increase in the natural photoprotection that this substance confers. Both were shown to be effective in increasing melanin in the individuals who injected them and, furthermore, the type of melanin produced was eumelanin (which confers more protection to cells than pheomelanin). But the MTII also produced, as a side effect, penile erections. This led to the MTII research on photoprotection being abandoned and focusing only on the ITN, which is more selective for melanogenesis. But the MTII did not disappear, but moved to another field of investigation: that of sexual impotence. Thus, we find that the two molecules have advanced in different aspects:

Where to Find The Best Melanotan Injections Buy

The MTII was replaced by an intranasal delivery molecule (PT-141, Palatin Technologies Cranbury, NJ:, which has been studied in sexual impotence. It was found to produce erections by a central mechanism, other than sildenafil, and it also produced a lasting erection independent of sexual stimulation in 80% of sildenafil non-responders. But the molecule, although promising, did not reach the market due to its appearance in several patients with high blood pressure. This same company is currently studying its use in hemorrhagic shock.


Regarding these molecules, it should be noted that, although there are studies that defend that they do not increase the risk of melanoma, their long-term effects are not well characterized and there are reservations due to their effect on the increase in the proliferation of melanocytes and the decrease in the response inflammatory and immune.

How is melanotan being used in the general population?

The case presented by Dr. Hueso et al. Has revealed the existence of an illicit market for melanotan. It is sold through web pages that present it under the nickname of “Barbie drug” for its effects on tanning, anorectics and enhancing sexual potency, as well as through gym users among whom it appears – in addition to many other substances – has become very popular.

 What type of user may want this substance?

Although the idea that a medication that increases tanning, suppresses the appetite and increases sexual potency can seduce us all, the fact that it is illegal and having to inject it drives away this desire in a great majority. However, the person who uses it values ​​the effects more than the risk. This occurs especially in individuals with a psychiatric disorder called dysmorphophobia, in which the patient is never satisfied with their bodily appearance and resorts to different means to change it: surgery, hairdressing, various cosmetic procedures … and now, melanotan. Sometimes the effects are counterproductive, but the patient does not perceive it that way. Curiously, many people with this disorder congregate in gyms.

  • 2.

    What risks does its use entail?

    Being a substance that is being studied in clinical trials, its long-term effects are not well characterized. An example is the appearance of hypertension or the appearance of eruptive nevi in ​​patients who were receiving it. It is clear that there are effects of medications that are known with use and that are subsequently included in the technical sheet, but in this case they are already being communicated before they are marketed.

    On the other hand, as it is an injected medication, we cannot forget the risk of infections due to mismanagement or the shared use of syringes.

  • 3.

    The form of acquisition of melanotan and other substances-drugs.

    In the same way that we can purchase other products online, medications can now be purchased. Of course, the possibility of fraud at different levels of the transaction is evident (do we know what we are wearing or taking? Who guarantees us?) Since no responsible physician assumes the possible effects and interactions in each patient. It is curious that in our country there are many patients who do not want to take the medication prescribed by a doctor, but then take whatever is recommended on the street “because it is natural.” When I see this I think of Socrates and the extract of hemlock – so natural – that it led to his death.

  • Four.

    Implications for the dermatologist.

    From now on, we should suspect the use of this substance in patients with excessive tanning for their prototype and time of year, particularly if they consult for the more or less sudden appearance of dysplastic-looking nevi. If its use is generalized, it will not even be expected that the user is excessively muscular and “defined” (gym slang), but it can be found in people of all kinds.

    Faced with a patient of this type, we will also have to consider the existence of a basic psychiatric disorder and delve into the clinical history looking for other data that could support this hypothesis. In the case of finding it, we should refer him to the psychiatrist, since as we have explained before, dysmorphophobia is a complex disease to treat and requires psychiatric and psychological support.

    As it is an illegal substance in our country, if this consumption is detected, it should be reported to the authorities, since the sale of these products can constitute a crime against public health and must be investigated. Detecting a patient may allow the discovery of an illegal supply network.



As dermatologists we must be alert to the increase in the use of this medication. Until clinical trials have concluded and conclusions are reached, we should discourage its use; However, this new drug should not be stigmatized, as it may play an important role in the future in Dermatology or in other fields of Medicine. The fundamental problem, as in other non-medical settings, is the misuse and abuse of a molecule with potential indications.


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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