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Peptide Clinics Australia Informative Review

Peptide Clinics Australia Browsing through the Monday morning emails there was one message that caught my eye! It was from a guy called Tom Foskett, an avid supporter and contributor of Peptides Bodybuilding. He was eager to
tell us about Peptide Clinics Australia, a well known and respected distributor and retailer of Australian peptides. Tom lives between 2 countries, the Unites States and Australia and he’s a very keen bodybuilder. He has in the past written reviews of a couple of peptide companies that he’s used before. Take a look at Toms Peptide Clinics Australia review and decide for yourself.

Tom Foskett N.Carolina USA/Brisbane Australia

I always order my peptides, mainly IGF-1 LR3 from within the US but I was spending 6 months back in Oz and it’s not easy to take research chemicals into Australia due to the tight customs regs. A good friend and neighbor mentioned an Australian peptide clinic where you can fill an online form to get a prescription for whatever you need. They even have their own doctor on site for advice.

After a lot of thought I realized that I had no other way to continue with my peptide workout unless I got hold of some peps from a peptide clinic in Australia. I filled out the medical questionnaire and continued with the registration process. Once I was authorized to place an order I paid for IGF-1 LR3, the 8 weeks course of 3mg. They cost me $599.95 which I thought was cheaper than my last order in the states. The order arrived in just 2 days and I found the packaging to be the best that I had seen up to now. The order was well protected so damages would be highly unlikely.

The next day I started the course and right the way through the whole 8 weeks I was just blown away with the results I had received with these great Australian Peptides from what I would call a top Australian peptide clinic. Peptide Clinics Australia really lived up to their proud reputation and I was so happy that I even called their customer service dept to thank those guys. They were a little surprised that I had gone to the trouble of calling them up just to say thanks, but credit where it’s due is my motto.

I’ve been back in the US now for a few months and since being back I’ve ordered a further 2 batches from them, yeah that’s right they even ship to the US. I won’t be ordering from any other companies anymore because I’m sticking with Peptide Clinic Australia from now on. I’ve been disappointed a few times over the last year or so when ordering from some (not all) US based retailers. I even got a peptide clinics coupon code to get a discount with my last order. I haven’t got one of these for a long time from the US counterparts!

All in all I would recommend you =>buy from Peptide Clinics Australia and whether you’re based in the US, Australia or anywhere else in the world, these Australian Peptides is what you want and they’ll get to you wherever you live.


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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