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Pharmacom Labs Review

Let’s take a look at each Pharmacom Labs review in order to gain an overall detailed look at one of the fastest growing muscle growth supplements retailers in the United States. Pharmacom Labs have earned a reputation to be proud of, not just in the US but worldwide also. Their name has became the talk among bodybuilding participants on forums and blogs over the last year especially.

We have one Pharmacom Labs review from each of our 3 contributors. Here is what they think of Pharmacom Labs.

Pharmacom Labs Reviews

Peter Harrison: Pharmacom Labs review 1.

I initially searched online “are pharmacom labs legit”. There were several hundred results but they varied in the opinions of those who had various experiences with them. Some reviews of Pharmacom were excellent whilst others were very poor. I decided to order a small trial amount of cipionate to begin with. They had an offer on at the time so if it was just bunk, I knew that I wouldn’t lose too much money.

This was to be the first time I would take steroids and pharmacom steroids was the one I chose. My results were quite impressive and in around 5 days I could see some improvement in my muscles. I ached less when working out and the muscles I was working to develop had gotten firmer in no time.

I would say that Pharmacom Labs are legit and they are reasonably priced. Their chemicals do work if you are patient enough to let them take effect.

Dina Moore: Pharmacom Labs review 2.

I needed to just tone up my abdomen and it was a friend of mine that introduced me to pharmacom steroids and other supps. To keep this Pharmacom review short I will say this: The Pharma Mix 2 is excellent and performs exactly what it says on the bottle. It helps to shed fat and build lean muscle fast. it’s basiclly a synergetic stack of 3 drugs, Drostanolone Propionate , Trenbolone AcetateĀ  and Testosterone Phenylpropionate. These are used via 3 injections per week until the course is completed.

I’m a happy customer for sure! The company was good to communicate with and although I’ve placed just one order, I was satisfied with their service.

Jamie Capes: Pharmacom Labs review 3.

The guys at Pharmacom Lab were on hand to advise me when I needed to firm up and get rid of my increasing man boobs. I had been told that most, if not all the products of Pharmacom Labs are testosterone based. This was what I was told I needed for shrinking my upper fat and that was just what happened to me.

I was on Pharma SUST 500, a blend of 4 testosterones that I would need to inject. I hated injecting myself but I got pretty used to it in the first week. The end results that I achieved with Pharma was impressive. After 6 weeks I had almost reached my end goal and after 10 weeks, success! My chest was looking exactly what I was hoping. I hope my Pharmacom Labs review helps others to achieve their goals as I have. It didn’t come cheap for me but it did however work.


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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