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S4 SARM Review – Benefits of Andarine

S4 SARM ReviewHave you been looking for a reliable S4 SARM review? If that’s you, you’ve arrived at the right place! So what is S4 and what’s all the hype about? S4 is more correctly and simply known as Andarine, or Acetamidoxolutamide. There’s no need to try to remember the latter word and in this article, we will simply refer to it as S4. Originally developed for the treatment of certain muscle-wasting conditions, it is also now used for the increase in building muscle mass and the ability to increase the calcium levels in the body helps with bone density building. A full introduction of Andarine can be viewed at

Who Can Benefit From S4 SARM?

The trend these days is that sportspeople tend to use S4 for treating their muscles to improve performance, endurance and visual perfection. In medicine, it has shown very effective results when used to treat osteoporosis. Bodybuilders have received huge benefits from what they regard S4 as the best SARM available.

S4 SARM Side Effects

So who doesn’t benefit from taking S4 SARM? Andarine is possibly the most powerful SARM on the market today and although this benefits some with its fast results, to others it can present the dreaded undesirables! Many report that whilst dosing on s4 they experience vision changes. The onset of yellow spots and tints is experienced by many after a short period. The good news is that the effects are not permanent, however, there is no way of knowing how long the effects will last. Some recommend dosing of 5 days on S4 followed by a break of 2 days. Suppression is another side effect that has been reported by some.

Liquid s4 SARM Review

S4 SARM For Sale

There seems to be a lack of good SARMs S4 Reviews around the net but we’re about to change that! After gathering enough feedback from real people who have recently used s4, we now have a couple of reliable suppliers that we can happily recommend. First, we’ll take a look at the most used form of S4, the liquid. We found 2 companies that supply good quality at great prices. First up is Choice Compounds. They’re selling S-4 – 50mg x 30ml at just $49.99. Order more than 1 and see the massive discounts. See all the latest prices here!

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S4 SARM Warnings – Don’t Trust Everyone!

We can never emphasize enough on the importance of buying research chemicals from only the most honest reliable sellers. Where possible, and it is not always easy, we try to report only on USA made products. The reason for this is in a bid to minimize the risk to the end-user as much as possible. However, please use your own caution on this and if you have doubt of any kind, do not place the order.

S4 and LGD 4033 Stack

A method utilizes by many bodybuilders these days is the S4 and lgd 4033 stack. This involves taking 50mg of S4 daily along with 10mg of LGD 4033. The whole course should be stretched over 8 weeks and then stopped. Be warned though if you’re considering using the capsule form of SARMs. These are almost always fake products and should be avoided at all costs.


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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