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SARMs Kaufen: Buying in Germany

SARMs KaufenSARMs in Germany – When we think about buying peptides or SARMs, we look towards the companies of the United States for our purchase. However, SARMs are being sold all over the world these days and here we look at where to SARMs kaufen, or buy SARMs in German.

What are SARMs and how do they work?

SARMS1 are the preferred supplier of SARMs to Germany at the moment and most bodybuilders and athletes that use chemical supplements to gain physical improvement tend to trust this well-established company. Germany is under the strict regulations as set out to most other countries of the modern world by WADA. This restricts the sale and purchase of certain research chemicals. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to obtain good quality SARMs within Germany, and this has led to many customers choosing to buy from overseas suppliers.

We asked a few of our German, Norwegian and Swedish readers of their opinion of ordering from SARMs1 and what their experience was like getting such chemicals in to Germany without customs issues. The results were very similar to the comments made in our SARMs1 article that was published last year.

Friedrich H told us that his opinion of ordering from SARMs1 was a pleasant one and although the order took 16 days to arrive, it was a very easy task. The package came through to him in perfect condition with no damage whatsoever. The quality of the peptide lgd 4033 was very pure and the best he had purchased to date.

Karl W also reports a first class service and he also added that Peptides Warehouse have a good reputation with high quality products. His recent order from SARMs1 did however get delayed at his local customs office, resulting in Karl having to be considerably higher charges. This he said left him paying a price that was far more expensive than what he had expected. Karl has since found a local supplier in Germany where he can SARMs kaufen at a cheaper cost.

Margarethe B is a female competition bodybuilder and she’s been actively taking RAD140 for almost 6 months. She bought her first consignment from another US based company sadly with no satisfaction. The SARMs she received were of poor quality with a purity of only 78% would you believe? She has since been a customer of SARMs1 after placing 4 consecutive orders, with total satisfaction each time.

SARMs Kaufen Deutschland

When it’s time to order your SARMs, take some time to look around and you may find other sellers that have the reputation that you’re looking for. Ordering outside of the US can be difficult because standards may not be up to ones expectations. You may also want to consider buying from Australia where laws are strict but the buying process is completely legal after the customer has completed a health form.

SUPP-SHOP is a 100% German supplier of sports supplement including SARMs. Their prices are affordable and quality is said to be good. They currently have a range of good offers and these tend to change often.



All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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