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Buy SARMs here for qualityMany people are interested in defining and even more so in these times when summer is near. Losing fat is a mentally exhausting process, you feel weak, you look depleted, many of us are hungry, we must take more care of our diet, etc.

However, with SARMs, there are ways that we can be more flexible in a definition and have the ability to lose more fat or have a higher metabolism where we can eat more food or even gain some muscle mass.

The fact of being “improved” gives us a great competitive advantage over natural persons and we must take advantage of it in the best way.

For this reason, today we are going to show you a list of those that seem to us to be the best Sarms to define, with some cycle examples at the end.


Really , any substance that helps us in our sports performance can be good for both definition and volume. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE CONTEXT. Using an appetite enhancer like mk-677 to lose fat would be catastrophic for most people, however, for others it could be useful for other properties.

In general, when we make a definition, what we are looking for is compounds that are as clean as possible , that is, that do not retain liquids like lgd-4033 but are as lean as possible and give us that look of being defined that we are looking for.

Another of the basic factors that we should look for is that the compound is anabolic . That is, it interacts with androgen receptors in muscle and bone in order to maintain our muscle mass . Other fat-burning compounds are also helpful, but the first thing is to maintain or even gain muscle.

Also, the fact that it is somewhat more androgenic and gives us that energy, can help us train heavier and be able to maintain more mass than if we did it with other “less stimulating” compounds.

sarms liquid for saleWithin the amount of suppression and the need for compounds to be used, it will depend on the personal objectives of each one.

An obese person who wants to maintain mass is not the same as someone who is two weeks away from competing and needs a look that is as defined as possible.

RAD-140 (Testolone)

One of our favorite compounds is a strong Sarm. Remarkable for the ease of gaining strength while cycling, the drive or energy that it gives us as it is somewhat more androgenic , and its ability to maintain and even build muscle in deficit.

For this stage it is a perfect compound for the cosmetic look it gives us where it seems that we are more defined than we really are.

Doses of 10-20mg will be enough to meet the goals of most people.

The downside of this compound is that it is quite suppressive and I would not recommend using it for more than 10 weeks. Also, being more androgenic can cause some problem with hair loss.

Ostarine (mk-2866)

Most tested compound in humans. It draws attention for its versatility . It serves both to make a volume and to define and maintain your muscle mass. It is weaker than Rad-140 , but still considerably useful. It will provide us with a little more glycogen, it does not give liquid retention and at the same time a more defined appearance in proportion . If you look bigger and with the same percentage of fat, you will appear more defined.

Like Rad-140, it has a half-life of 2-4 hours and with doses of 20-40mg we will be able to maintain all our muscle with a pronounced deficit.

The advantage of this substance is that being less suppressive, it allows us to spend more weeks with the insurance of not losing our precious muscle.

Cardarine (GW-501516)

It is not a SARM as such it is a PPARδ receptor . Which means that it regulates the body’s expression of proteins involved in energy expenditure. This causes the body to use fats and not glycogen as an energy source.

To make a definition this is perfect, since it will allow us to see ourselves fuller during training , in addition to helping us lose more fat with the same deficit. Normally our body waits for the glycogen stores to be depleted to lose fat, but this will no longer be the case.

It has also been seen that it improves resistance , which to improve our intensity and performance during each workout, is a factor to be taken into account.

Another benefit is the increase in good cholesterol (HDL). While Sarms tend to make it worse, this makes it better. If someone cares about their cardiovascular health, this is a unique compound that I would use as a first choice as a supplement to our cycle.


It is a Sarm with a steroidal structure. Stronger than Rad-140 mg to mg, but at the same time more suppressive.

It is characterized by decreased myostatin by increasing  follistatin binding to androgen receptors . This makes it an amazing addition to any Sarms cycle.

It will give us a very defined look as it is a derivative of DHT . Appearing a lower percentage of fat than we have during use.

With 10-20mg a day is more than enough to obtain great benefits. Being so strong, with a moderate deficit it will allow us to increase our muscle mass somewhat.

Its negative parts are that it cannot be used for many weeks due to its high suppression, negative effects on the hair or it can even hurt the tendons if we are very defined.

If it’s going to be used with other suppressive and non-testosterone-based substances, I’d be especially careful.


It is the  most powerful Sarm that exists . Incredibly strong. With effects comparable to steroids like Winstrol. It is a compound that burns fat without realizing it. It will give us a much more defined look than the rest of Sarms . It also tends to increase the Basal Metabolic Rate of people. Which means that without doing anything new about being natural, you will burn a higher number of kcal.

All compounds perform this function, but S23 stands out for this

Regarding muscle mass and strength, it is not uncommon for them to increase week after week at the same time that we lose fat. This compound is no joke.

However, it is so suppressive that we do not recommend using it without a testosterone base . In a month it will kill your endogenous testosterone production.

Its side effects include aggression, possible hair loss and its curious function as a male contraceptive.


These are the substances that we most recommend to define, but it is a relatively subjective list.

We have not considered substances such as ACP-140 or s4 because we believe that their effects can be replicated with different doses of Ostarine or Rad-140.

Other substances such as LGD-4033 can also be used, but compounds that retain some water in definition are usually not optimal to look your best and do not provide better effects in maintaining or gaining muscle mass.

Another compound to consider would be LGD-3033 , which is a great pre-workout compound due to the aggression it brings us, but due to the difficulty in achieving it, suppression and half-life, it is not a viable option for most users.




All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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