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Selegiline Bodybuilding: Does it Work?

For a positive selegiline bodybuilding success, it’s important to learn a few facts before taking any brand of selegiline. Before we get started, let’s first explain briefly about what selegiline is and what the link is between selegiline and bodybuilding.

Selegiline is a drug developed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease that are taking levodopa. It’s primary objective is to prolong the effects of levodopa, an anti-Parkinson drug. Selegiline used alone has no effect on the treatment of Parkinsons, however when used with levodopa it helps to encourage the fight and future development of the disease.

Selegiline for Bodybuilding

There’s no doubt that taking a selegiline bodybuilding dose works very well if used correctly. There are however some major drawbacks of taking selegiline for bodybuilding and these should be studied carefully before using this drug. The contraindications that can be suffered can range from mild symptoms such as headaches to drowsiness and dizziness. Alcohol will make these side effects selegiline bodybuildingconsiderably worse and some may suffer from what is known as┬áselegiline depression. Other symptoms too numerous to mention can be found here.

When taken with selegiline phenylethylamine can have an impressive impact on the improvement of muscle building and general well being. A dose of just 5mg per day over 14 to 21 days can work very well and the benefits will normally present themselves during that short period. Many selegiline bodybuilding reviews will recommend that selegiline be taken with food as this can in fact amplify the results some 3 times higher.

Should I try Selegiline Bodybuilding?

Due to the unknown number of potential side effects that selegiline can cause, we do not recommend the use of it in any way. The sudden very high increase in blood pressure and heart beat among other serious effects on the body is something that anyone that is thinking about taking a selegiline bodybuilding course should consider.

Selegiline can be obtained via prescription is some countries and Australia for example have clinics where an expert health or sports doctor can personally prescribe the correct dose that will best suit the individual.

For an effective bodybuilding improvement it is advisable to use one of the peptides or SARMS such as IGF or if one is still determined to try a dose then selegiline tren could be more suitable with fewer health risks to the user.

Whatever your choice it’s always best to first read some selegiline reviews and then if you’re still determined, go ahead and start your selegiline bodybuilding course, carefully!









All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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