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Southern SARMS Review

Southern SARMs ReviewSouthern SARMS Review

We’ve had a lot of mixed opinions whilst researching to write an honest Southern SARMS Review. What we discovered is that although this company provides standard quality chemicals, they seem to have a diverse mix of good and awful reviews.

Is Southern SARMS Legit?

Stupid question maybe and many will argue to the answer of this question. However one of our readers, Lance Wade had recently placed an order for LGD-4033. He got this at the discounted price of $40 by using a Southern SARMS coupon. The regular price for this product is $60 so not a bad saving really. Lance normally orders from SARMs Warehouse where he says sell the best peptides and SARMS, however, they were out of stock of LGD-4033 at the time and he needed to get another bottle to continue his workout log.

Lance Wade: My Southern SARMS Review

I ordered my first batch of LGD 4033 SARMS from Southern SARMS and I managed to take advantage of the Southern SARMS discount that saved me @ $20 on the order. I had a query that I wanted an answer to before paying for my order and the reply was a little slow at almost 2 working days. On receiving my reply I was satisfied with what they said.

I placed the order and waited for delivery. The shipping charge for orders within the US was just $7, I was OK with that. I was told that on orders with a value of $200 or more there would be free shipping. My order was finally with me after 6 days which to me was not very efficient on their part. The packaging was OK but not as good as other suppliers I had used previously.

I had by now ran out of my SARMS and so needed to get started on my new lot. I found that after a few days I was beginning to lose some of the benefits I had gained previously with the SARMS I had bought elsewhere. This I thought could only be due to inferior stock being too weak with a distinct lack of purity.

All in all, I was disappointed in the service and quality that was provided to me by this company. I wanted to write this Southern SARMS Review not to undermine them because I’ve had worse experiences with others. I just wanted to share my recent experiences with other fellow bodybuilders that are considering buying from Southern Sarms in the future. I had ordered from them simply because a friend that lives in Australia talked about Southern SARMS Australia, a company that has since ceased trading. It seems that there was some confusion between the 2 companies at the time.

I would not say that my experience with Southern SARMS was horrifying because it was not. There are better companies around and there are many worse ones.

I hope that this Southern SARMS Review helps those looking to buy SARMS from a reputable seller.






All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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