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Take Advantage Of MedLabGear – Read These 7 Tips

medlab gearMedLabGear is simply a medical laboratory supplies company that caters for most needs in the med lab supply field. From diabetic supplies to the best buy sterile vials, hypodermic syringes with needles, syringes to lab gear, they have just about everything under one roof. They are truly dedicated to their clients and whilst keeping to promises of same-day shipping and quality guaranteed, it’s immediately evident that they have a reputation which is second to none.

The 7 Best Things About MedLab Gear

Take a look on the internet and you will find literally thousands of medlabsupply companies all it seems promising the best service out there, however, how do we know who to trust? Reviews are almost always the best place to start. Most reputable businesses will have at least a few online reviews that real-life customers have taken the liberty to write. Please bear in mind however, that some very new companies may not have been operating long enough to generate any reviews. This does not indicate in any way that this would be best avoided.

MedLab Gear Review – David Simmons, Newark, NJ

Right from the start and just a few years ago a guy named Joe Stivers founded Medlab Gear a leading supplier of high-quality medical supplies. Within no time at all this company was right at the front of their competitors. From bacteriostatic water and syringe needles to kidney dialysis machines, Medlab has a lot.

To order you simply fill out the online Medlab supply order form and you’re soon on your way to taking delivery of your first order. Using the Medlab login facility is as easy as it gets and the whole ordering process is simply foolproof.

I’ve placed 14 orders so far and I would say that 99% of the time my package arrives within 3-4 days. I particularly like the low priced bacteriostatic water and it has to be the cheapest I’ve ever seen and with the top quality too.

UPDATE: Yesterday I ordered bac water and because I needed it in a hurry, I got it tracked and sent by expressed. It was here with me in just under 24 hours.  The communication from the Medlab guts is second to none and I won’t use any other now.

Here are 2 reviews of Med Lab Gear so you know a little about their reputation before taking the plunge: Medlab Gear – Best Medical Supplies Online


7 Tips For Using Med Lab Gear To Your Advantage

  1. The website is very easy to navigate and this allows the visitor to quickly find the product(s) they are looking to buy.
  2. Customer service is almost always an issue that lets a company’s reputation down. Customers sometimes need some professional assistance and their first port of call is the retailer that they want to purchase from. Fortunately, Med Lab Gear has a highly professional team of customer service staff and they know what they’re talking about! In addition to calling them, there’s also a live chat option on the website.
  3. Keep a watch from time to time for the generous discounts on certain items. This can be anything from a $ discount to 50% off! A good idea is to sign up for the newsletter and they’ll keep you informed.
  4. This point will probably never be an issue, however, there just may be a time when you don’t find a particular product that you desire. As mentioned above, communication can bring satisfaction and by simply talking to a representative, they may be able to source the item needed.
  5. Browse the blog here where you can gain so much information on subjects including how to use and read a syringe, best injection sites on the body, a guide to dropper bottles and in fact, there are over 40 informative posts to read.
  6. Paying for goods online can be a problem for some of us. At times we find that certain websites just don’t offer a payment method that suits us. Med Lab Gear has really thought this one through! They will actually welcome payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Bitcoin. It doesn’t get better than that! Order From Medlab Gear Now – Just Click Here.
  7. Opening hours are from Monday to Saturday from Monday – Friday: 08:00-8:00 and Saturday: 09:00-2:00. Plenty of time to get your order through and be able to speak to customer service if need be. Out of hours, you can drop them a line by email at

Try MedLab Gear now by visiting their huge user friendly website here and you will be glad that you found them.

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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