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Tesofensine Peptide For Sale

tesofensine peptide for sale


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Short peptides or Havinson peptides ( Khavinson peptides ) are peptide bioregulators developed in the distant 70s of the last century. The research and development of the peptides were performed in a secret military laboratory on the basis of the Military Medical Academy S.M. Kirov from a group of scientists led by Professor Vladimir Hatskelevich Havinson.


The 1970s are marked by an arms race between the USSR and the USA. The Soviet Union was actively involved in the development of drugs to increase the combat endurance of soldiers in conditions of increased radiation. Therefore, all research in this area was under strict control of the state, which ensured high reliability and efficiency of development. Scientists have succeeded in creating short peptides consisting of a chain of 2-4 amino acids. It turned out that such a complex of amino acids is able to positively affect gene expression and restore organs at the cellular level.

This discovery gave impetus to further research and development. Today there is an extensive scientific and evidence base for the effectiveness of short peptides in:

  • Restoration of cells and tissues of the human body;
  • Improving memory and cognitive functions, restoring brain cells;
  • Improving immunity;
  • Disease prevention;
  • Strengthening blood vessels;
  • Rejuvenation.

As we age, telomeres, the area of ​​human DNA responsible for youth, shrink. This leads to aging of the body. The anti-aging effect of the peptides is achieved due to their ability to lengthen telomeres (by 42%). Due to this, the life of the cell is extended and, accordingly, the life and youth of a person.

The intake of peptide bioregulators is in the form of food supplements in capsules, tablets, drops or in the form of injections. There are also peptide complexes in which the ideal combination of peptides is chosen to solve certain health problems.

Are peptides harmful?

Peptides cannot harm the body, as they do not consist of harmful chemical compounds, but of protein components – amino acids. Amino acids are what all living things on our planet are made of. Life on Earth began with an amino acid. Therefore, the amino acids in Havinson’s peptides cannot be harmful to the body because the body is made up of them.

Are there any side effects from peptide intake?

Havinson peptides do not elicit an immune response because they are absorbed before the immune system responds to them. Therefore, they do not cause allergic reactions and food or drug dependence. They also do not burden the liver and kidneys, do not lead to disorders of the brain and cardiovascular system. That is , peptides are most effective due to lack of addiction and side

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.