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The Bostin Loyd Story

The Bostin Loyd Story is known within the fitness scene for his openness in dealing with medication and has regularly caused a lot of discussion in the past, both with his not exactly low dosages and with combinations of numerous different steroids. His decisions have divided opinions in his community: some respect his honesty, others condemn his reckless decisions. Though one of his attempts last year, the “Bostin Loyd Experiment,” ended in end-stage renal failure due to excessive steroid use, the bodybuilder didn’t suffer major consequences, he revealed on social media.

On Instagram, Bostin Loyd revealed information about his health condition. Despite his current efforts to try to eradicate side effects of the various steroids, such as end- stage renal disease and get his creatinine levels back to normal, the bodybuilder has said he has no regrets about his decision to take so many performance-enhancing drugs. At the end of October last year, the American found out that he was suffering from kidney failure due to the many different and above-average amounts of steroids that he had taken during his strength training career. In the fifth and final stage – the terminal renal insufficiency, in which Bostin found himself, the function of the organs is massively restricted or the kidneys fail completely, so that blood can no longer be cleaned and one can ultimately die from it.

Since then, Bostin has focused on gaining important information about his condition in order to best understand the matter and restore his kidney function , which he seems to be doing quite well at the moment. Although the “Juicy Daddy”, as he calls himself, never believed that his only fear in bodybuilding, kidney failure, could affect him, it has become reality. Does the controversial bodybuilder regret it? – Absolutely not, as he says himself. What counts for him now is learning from past mistakes and helping other people to live longer.

In order to educate other people about the effects and/or side effects, Bostin Loyd tested the steroid, which was new to him, on his own body.

Considering that the side effects of steroids on the body were known before Bostin Loyd started using them, one might think that the young bodybuilder would not have looked into the topic before he started using them. However, it was a very specific drug that led to his kidney failure , as he reports in a bodybuilding podcast . A peptide (short chain of amino acids with a bioactive effect) he used, which had neither been tested on humans nor had usage guidelines , ended up in his dangerous state of health. After the American found out about the tool in question online, other people also started talking about it and it became more and more popular.

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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