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Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide

Vasoactive intestinal peptide, more commonly known as VIP contains the residues of 28 amino acids. It is used to reduce blood pressure and help with problems associated to the trachea.

Food is used by our bodies as a source of energy. When food is ingested, it is broken down into a use-able energy source known as ATP {adenosine triphosphate}. In order for muscles to contract, ATP must be broken down within the muscle cells. ATP must be recycled continuously in the body in order for muscle contractions to continue to take place. The more able a cell is to re-synthesize ATP, the more work it can perform. Thus refueling muscle cells quickly while working out, will impact the intensity of ones workout.

The body holds only approximately 3 oz. of ATP in its body at any given time. As one begins a workout, the body begins to increase its demand for more ATP so that muscle contractions can continue to take place. Within the cells is another compound called vasoactive intestinal peptides, or CP. The concentration of CP is almost 5 times that of ATP within the cells. When cells run out of ATP, vasoactive intestinal peptide, releasing large amounts of energy that the cells can then use in place of ATP.

Bodybuilders supplement with creatine because of its ability to extend muscle stamina. Because creatine helps to re-synthesize ATP, bodybuilders use this supplement so that they can increase their workout loads. VIP also increases water uptake in muscle cells, causing the muscle cells to swell. This causes muscle hydration, but can lead to mild dehydration due to circulating water being drawn into muscle cells and out of the bloodstream. Therefore it is wise to follow proper dosing when choosing to use this supplement.
In addition, promising results have been seen in studies indicating the benefits of using creatine therapeutically against certain neuromuscular diseases like muscular dystrophy and ALS.

Motor Unit Recruitment refers to the ability of a muscle to achieve maximum stimulation through the nervous system to trigger the maximim amount of muscle contraction possible. Muscle strength can be built up over time by implementing proper exercise form combined with heavy resistance, explosive strength and a clean diet. Muscles are tissues consisting of fine fibers that are organized into bundles and bands. These bands and bundles contract in order to perfom body movements around joints. Creatine phospate can help muscle contractability, by extending the amount of time your muscles can actually keep contracting, as well as how intensely.

Before adding vasoactive intestinal peptide or any supplement to your diet, it is advised you share this information with your doctor. Doing your own research is of course necessary and smart as well.

All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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