Since SARMs appeared in the world of Fitness they have been received with great suspicion and mistrust but the users themselves have realized how powerful these compounds are even using them at low doses. There are already many well-known characters who make preparations to compete only with SARMs , as well as fitness influencers .

The relative potency of SARMs is much higher than that of Aas, between 2 times in the case of S-4 up to 8-10 times in the case of S23, we speak of milligram by milligram, then we refer to the relative potency or Anabolic Units (AU).

In the case of, for example, RAD-140 is about 5 times more potent than Testosterone, a cycle of 20mg of RAD-140 would be equivalent to 700mg of Testosterone weekly and empirical experience and human studies support these

On the other hand, compounds such as Oxandrolone are 2 times more powerful, Oxymetolone is 0.7 and Trenbolone are 3.5 times the power over 1 that is Testosterone, it should be noted that all these figures are in relation to mass gain lean muscle and do not take into account the appearance that certain substances can give or what can support fat loss, in this sense Anabolic Steroids are superior.


Unlike Anabolic Steroids, SARMs have selectivity, which refers to what we have said before about sniper and


At low medium doses the adverse effects of SARMs will be mild liver stress which is not toxicity as occurs with Oral Steroids. Worsening of the lipid profile and a decrease in testosterone secretion.


If we do a brief review of endocrinology, the interactions on the Androgen Receptor in the Hypothalamus decrease the signaling of the Gonadotropin Releasing Factor (GNRH), which is the signaling on the Leydig cells and on the Sertoli cells, which go to secrete Testosterone in the testicles.

Interactions on the estrogen and progesterone receptor would also inhibit the axis and are in fact the most powerful inhibition pathways.

A single injection of Testosterone generates a complete inhibition, but it is due to the aromatization of Testosterone in Estradiol and this causes a great inhibition, compounds such as Trenbolone that exert an interaction with the Progesterone receptor and Estrogens, cause a triple inhibition .

On the other hand, the SARMs only act on the ARs of the hypothalamus, the inhibition is present but it is much less, it takes a lot of dose and time to reach the complete inhibition, we will handle what is called “Inhibition constant” to refer to the capacity that each compound has on average in normorresponders subjects.


Oral steroids not only raise liver enzymes but also raise bilirubin and triglycerides. On the other hand, SARMs only raise transaminases, specifically Alanine Amino-Transferase (ALT) and it is really difficult to suffer cholestasis, which is a blockage of the flow of bile into the duodenum and puddles the liver tissue.

In the case of SARMs it is really unlikely that this will occur, but with the use of other drugs that cause hepatotoxicity, the use of SARMs could aggravate this and it could be that canicular cholestasis develops.


At these selective doses, let’s say (from low and medium) there is also a worsening of the lipid profile, which is an imbalance between the cholesterol transporting proteins, raising the high-density lipoproteins and decreasing the
low-density ones, which are the ones that are they are responsible for the plasma clearance of cholesterol.

This in the long term could be atherogenic, that is, contribute to the formation of atheroma plaque and is a potential risk of cardiovascular diseases, but this can be solved with certain protocols and the use of some supplements such as Health Support, which It has Red Rice Yeast, which acts as a statin, reducing levels of total Cholesterol, LDLc and raising HDL.

Another of the drugs proposed to solve this problem is Cardarine, which has the ability to raise HDLc as well as lower LDL to avoid dyslipidemia.


At a certain dosage point, SARMs can become as aggressive as Anabolic Steroids although they will still have the advantage that they do not aromatize to Estradiol and are not reduced to DHT. Women can take SARMs too, read this!

However, at very high doses they seem to raise the hematocrit due to the interaction with red blood cells, they can cause hair loss and it is speculated that the adverse effects may be practically the same as Aas, but being so powerful, it does not take much doses so that they are really a great option to add anabolism to a pharmacological therapy, taking weight off conventional steroids of which we already know the adverse effects that they will bring to the health of athletes in the medium and long term.

One of the problems found in the legitimacy of the products, with the rise of SARMs in the Fitness community, many have seen a way to give way to cheap oral steroids to manufacture such as Dianabol or Winstrol, and they end up having effects Atypical unwanted adverse events from the use of SARMs.

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