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YK11 Bodybuilding the Facts

YK11 Bodybuilding YK11 bodybuilding SARM is the latest supplement emerging in this industry which promises increased muscle and strength whilst burning fat. But is it really that good? Here we take a look at why it is popular with bodybuilders!

YK11 Review

Recent years have seen YK11 gaining recognition in the fitness world. This is due to its unique way of boosting muscle from increasing follistatin. There are also disputes as to whether it is classed as a SARM or steroid because it shares similarities to both in its make-up. Many users have had positive effects from using YK11 and in a relatively short time too. Bodybuilders’ have noticed results in as little as a week. This SARM is one of the strongest on the market. Many users report few to no side effects from using it. A huge bonus for keen athletes and bodybuilders!

YK11 Bodybuilding Benefits

Dedicated bodybuilders pride themselves on perfection, and want this best physic possible. When a new SARM arrives on the market it is big news. While YK11 has had the least research done compared to other SARMs, it is not deterring keen fitness fanatics. Bodybuilders have used it for bulking and cutting and have had good results in both. YK11 guarantees the user an increase in lean strong muscle fast whilst burning fat.

Side effects of using YK11

With all performance enhancement drugs, there can be side effects. Many who have used YK11 have had no problems; some users have experienced joint pain and mild testosterone suppression. High amounts of YK11 can cause acne and hair loss, so beware! Though feedback from those who have tested yk11 be in agreement that PCT or post-cycle therapy is necessary.

YK11 Dosage and Timing Example

It is concluded that YK11 bodybuilding supplement is the perfect choice for those wanting to build a lot of muscle mass fast. You will also find YK 11 increases fat loss but at the same time protects the bones from fractures and density loss. A suggested dosage example of YK11 and its average results is as follows:

5mg taken daily over a period of 4 weeks can lead to a 5lb gain of lean muscle, increasing the size of arm, chest and calf size, plus about 2% fat loss. This is a general guideline. It is worth pointing out that some users recommend 10-15 mg per day. But, like all new drugs, it is best, to begin with, lower doses and increase gradually. Lower dosages of 0.5 to 2mg are suggested for female users. YK11 can also be taken either by muscle injection or orally.

Be Warned…

We would also like to point out that YK11 along with all other SARMs are banned in all professional sports by the World Anti-Doping Agency (or WADA). YK11 can be still found in the body up to 2 days after use. Ensure you do your research on YK11 bodybuilding SARM.


All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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