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YK11 SARM For Sale to Provide the Best Benefits

YK11 SARM For SaleIf you didn’t know it there are still limited companies that have YK11 SARM for sale these days. With so much controversy over SARMs during the past few years including bans, it has left many people unclear as to what is actually available. As you browse the internet you will have probably noticed there are still companies that stock peptides and SARMs.

You may be an enthusiastic fan who is familiar with how they work, plus still regularly ordering your favorite type.  Alternatively, you may be a newbie on this subject and want to know more about these supplements. In this article, we explore the lesser-known member of the SARM family YK-11, and see just how it ranks!

A Guide to what is YK11?

YK11 is a man-made steroid type drug designed similar to DHT found in the human body. Dihydrotestosterone or (DHT) is a hormone that inspires the growth of male characteristics. You may be more familiar with this being called androgen, testosterone.

In the sporting world, it is used a muscle enhancer and has the ability to change your body. Everyone wants to look in good shape, and YK11 will do just that! YK11 is essentially a myostatin inhibitor. This is a type of composite which is capable of breaking down the body’s’ genetic muscle, allowing more muscle mass to be gained than normal.

How does YK11 work?

YK11 SARM For Sale

YK11 is part of the group known as SARMs which stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. YK11 is one of the strongest SARMs available. The job of YK11 is to selectively bind to the androgen receptors in the bones and muscles of the human body. This process allows for a significant increase in lean muscle mass.

Is YK11 Legit?

At this stage, we would like to mention that there is limited scientific research which has been done on YK11! The main feedback regarding this SARM is logged by athletes and bodybuilders who have used it. YK11 is banned in all areas of professional sports. This was done by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

YK11 Studies So Far are…

The SARM YK11 was first researched in 2011 by Yuchiro Kanno not just for increasing muscle but to encourage hair growth. The studies found that YK11 SARM builds muscle mass faster than the body would normally do. This is due to YK11 connecting with the androgen receptor, which sends signals to the muscles. These signals stipulate an increase of the muscle-building protein follistatin to be made. Follistatin is a protein which is in charge of the growth of muscle tissue.

Why the interest in YK11 SARM for sale to buy?

In the world of fitness, athletics and bodybuilding are always keen to test out a new supplement to increase muscle and strength. YK11 is becoming more appealing to fitness gurus due to its fast and effective results. The fact that it increases muscle mass fast, and with few side effects is always going to be top of its league. The only issue many experts have is that it can relate in its molecule make-up more to steroid than a SARM. Nevertheless, many users have found there to be no major side effects with the use of YK11. A big bonus for many people!

YK11 SARM Explained

Performance-enhancing drugs are in general responsible for increasing muscle and strength whilst helping with fat loss. Those who have used SARMs before will have also discovered that they can help with other health issues.

  • Bone Health – in particular, YK11  is credited with improving bone health. Some research recently found that YK11 boosted the level of proteins needed to build bones.
  • Hair Growth – An issue that affects many men worldwide. YK11 actually encourages hair growth but without causing any effect on the prostate. In the past regular use of anabolic steroid caused hair loss. This is a definite positive side effect for many users of this SARM.

YK11 SARM for Sale for Your Benefit

The main factor which is making YK11 more popular than other SARMs is it works fast, without aggravating side effects. Other SARMs have been known to cause nausea and hormone suppression. Generally, this family of drugs is a huge step forward for bodybuilders compared to anabolic steroids of the past. Users of steroids once had to suffer acne, hair loss and lack of libido. But no more, now they build lean muscle mass and helps increase bone strength.

YK11 Dosage and Timing

A number of professional bodybuilders have given us feedback about what kind of dosage to take for beginners of YK11. Remember, there are no hard fast rules as everyone is different. This is an example! But, as a general guide, some users have had good results with as little 5 mg per day. Others have needed larger doses of 10 -15 mg per day. These dosages were used over a cycle of 4 – 8 weeks. Many users had reported more positive results when stacked with other SARMs.


Yk11 is still classed as a research drug, but showing promise in increasing muscle and strength. Although there isn’t loads of information available on this specific SARM, there is plenty of other types. As with all supplements ensure you do your research if you are interested in this subject. In today’s modern world we all want to look fantastic and in good shape, but be safe! For a long time now various supplements have been available to do just this. Who knows YK may be the next one. There are still suppliers with YK11 SARM for sale, for now, maybe check them out!





All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development use only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind.
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